WhatsApp will no ​​longer works on these smartphones from 2019

Let’s find out the complete list of smartphones no longer compatible with WhatsApp from 2019. On which phones will WhatsApp not work from 2019?

WhatsApp will not be compatible with some smartphones from 2019

Bad news for those who have a slightly dated smartphone, especially with operating systems not updated to the latest release. Yes, because with the arrival of the new year some of them will no longer be supported by WhatsApp.

As announced several months ago, next year will lead to the interruption of support for the instant messaging platform on devices based on older operating systems.

In particular, from 2019 WhatsApp will no longer be available on the following smartphones:

  • Android 2.3.7 and earlier
  • iOS 7 and earlier
  • Nokia S40
  • Windows Phone 8.0
  • BlackBerry OS
  • BlackBerry 10

To understand what kind of version of the operating system you have, it will be sufficient from your smartphone on the Settings. In particular:

  • Android: Settings -> System -> About and you will find the version of Android
  • iOS: Settings -> General -> Info / Update software and you will find the version of iOS

If you have a smartphone that mounts one of these operating systems, then, in order to continue using WhatsApp you will have to buy a new device. 

At the moment we do not know exactly the day when WhatsApp will stop working on these devices, but if you have one, I suggest you organize as soon as possible to change and update. 

Why WhatsApp will no longer be compatible with these smartphones since 2019?

The reason is simple: it is Smartphone and versions of operating systems no longer supported by manufacturers and that could be a problem for the safety of those who use them.

More generally, however, the addition of new functions to the application has led to a weighting of the same that could cause delays in use, especially on older smartphones such as those listed.

It is not the first time

I remember that already in 2017, in fact, the developers had cut the support to various operating systems and smartphones not used and certainly this new “cut” will not be the last.

In order to offer a sufficiently complete program with certain features, developers need to rely on powerful smartphones and recent operating systems, so they are forced to cut off support for older devices.

Honestly, I think that very few people (if any) still use one of the smartphones on the list, so the problem seems very limited.

What are the news that WhatsApp has in store for all of us?

Surely in the future there will be other updates regarding the security and privacy of user data.

Other novelties, however, will take into consideration the most engaging and fun aspect of the application, the one aimed at retaining users.

And finally, in the first quarter of 2019 advertising banners will be on the status screen (the famous Stories).

For this news it’s all.

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