WhatsApp: how to transform an audio message into text

How to turn a WhatsApp voice message into a text message? Here are the tricks to make audio readable without the need to listen.

The audio messages on WhatsApp, cross and delight for many users: fast and intuitive and sometimes tremendously long, so much to want to be able to turn them into a text message.

How many times have you been able to receive that little audio message on WhatsApp and to be unable to listen to it: at work or for other commitments, there are several tricks to convert a voice note into a text message, so you can read it quickly without any difficulty.

Obviously, to turn an audio message into text you have to resort to the use of external apps, available for iOS and Android. Here are what they are and how they work.

WhatsApp, from voice to text: Audio to Text

Audio To Text is an application available for both the App Store and the Google Play Store that allows an audio message to be transcribed automatically, so that it can be easily read and consulted.

Using Audio To Text for WhatsApp is really simple: download the application and install it. Once you’ve done this, open WhatsApp and choose the audio message you want to turn into text. Press and hold on the iPhone to open the drop-down menu and click on the “Forward” option, same thing on an Android device: press for a few seconds on the selected voice and choose Forward.

Now, in the lower right corner you will find the “Share” button characterized by the corresponding symbol, a square with an arrow, keep it pressed to open a series of sharing options (between e-mail, messenger etc.). Among these, if enabled, you will find the icon corresponding to Audio to Text.

Press the symbol to be redirected directly into the app, where the required WhatsApp audio will start to be transcribed inside a green baloon.

The app is quite precise, and works best with voice messages that are not too long: the punctuation will obviously miss some words, but the original sense of the message sent to us will remain intact and perfectly clear. Audio To Text for WhatsApp can also be used for other applications, such as Telegram and Line (but not for Facebook Messenger).


Another great app to convert audio to text is Speechless, which also enjoys excellent reviews, and allows you to select the language in which we want to transcribe our voice message.

The use of the application is actually very similar to the previous one. Once downloaded and installed just follow the same path: press and hold the chosen audio, click on forward -> share button -> Speechless icon.

Here you will be prompted for the language of the audio message to be transcribed, select the corresponding language and wait for the upload: once completed, the text of your voice will be ready to be read and consulted. Also for Speechless it is possible to choose to use it for Telegram, Line and vocal notes.

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