Tired of a social network too spying and unsafe, the abandonment after being among the first registered since the beginning of 2007

Over 11 years ago, in a (technological) world totally different from what we know today, I proceeded to my registration on Facebook, the first social network in the world to break through the millions of subscribers.

Facebook was the revolution, had the ability to put in touch dozens of people quickly and easily, groups of schools, childhood friends, former colleagues and friends lost on the street, so you sign up for Facebook and review your life in a few clicks, remembering and reviewing old people and recent friends with whom to exchange two tricks.

Now after a long time between ups and downs, I decided to cancel my Facebook account and in this article I will explain my motivations.

Cancel from Facebook? Yes, that’s why

For a long time, maybe too much, or because of the numerous cases of “sale” and “concession” of our data to third parties outside of Facebook, who said theĀ Cambridge Analytica case, poor security of the accounts with too many holes, interconnection with other app of the Facebook group that allows a single man, the terrible Mark, to know everything, but everything about me, I gradually abandoned the use of the blue social network.

Social and the damned desire to share … everything

In these last weeks I do nothing but check the News Feed section every day, and scrolling, scrolling and scrolling I see that the activities of the last 3 years are just the sharing of my articles that I write on Teknologya.

You will say that at least that may be enough to stay on Facebook to advertise their articles but it is not enough. I decided to analyze the traffic coming from the click of each article, strictly Public and visible to all, shared on Facebook and Twitter.

The result is merciless, in a month I received just 100 clicks on all my articles from Facebook and over 12,000 from those I share on Twitter.

Of course, Facebook has always used it as a personal account, while Twitter, in a more professional way, and I have always pushed more, and therefore at least for this reason, I can not find a reason to stay on Facebook.

And privacy … we play it in your face

Then there is the long-standing privacy policy where Facebook has shown over and over again that it is not able, or does so voluntarily, not to protect the privacy of its users. It is too easy to display a contact’s post, photos, video and information without having permission.

On a regular basis, more or less easy methods are discovered to access photos, private data even without being friends, but also simply by changing the URLs in the address bar.

Not to mention our data sold and passed to third-party companies, without our consent, and ended up in the meal and then published online after hacking these companies. I do not want my data, although it has set up stringent privacy methods, end up not in the hands of others and that it is used for advertising or otherwise.

Okay but what do I lose?

The birthdays, heck, I’ll no longer be notified of the various birthdays, but for this I set them up on Google and selected of my few true friends, not acquaintances who are added one-time only to move them to the “friends” list.

Keeping in touch with distant friends may not be a problem if you use WhatsApp or even Twitter but anyway it is easier to lose contact with old school friends or other distant friends who have just the Facebook tool to communicate.

These are just some of the reasons, especially that of privacy, which led me to cancel my Facebook account.

And how do you think? Would you be able to live without Facebook?


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