Winamp is about to return as an All-In-One Music Player

Almost five years after the official closing, Winamp is ready to come back as an all in one Music Player

Winamp is about to return as an All-In-One Music Player

Winamp, a historical media player for Windows that has ceased its activity in December 2013, after more than 15 years of activity and 5 years after the official abandonment, is going to come back as a musical but revolutionary player.

What is Winamp?

Many of you will not remember, surely the very young do not even know what is Winamp but you must know that it is a very famous player music until about 10 years ago and that has been the player of the first Mp3, CD and much more.

Winamp was one of the main media players on the market, in which to pour large amounts of music files to start playback to be heard through the PC speakers (where often the term “music” meant “Winamp” software side and “Soundblaster” side hardware).

Among the features that many will remember of Winamp, there were also dynamic backgrounds made of special psychedelic and colorful effects, faithful companions of the desktop when you preferred to hide the playlist from the display.

Purchased by AOL in 1999 by Nullsoft, it closed its doors on December 20, 2013, but now it is close to its rebirth.

2019: Year of Winamp’s return?

Radionomy, who bought the program in 2014, is ready to resurrect Winamp from its ashes and relaunch it right in his field, the musical one. In fact with version 6.0, we will have a brand new desktop and mobile version, which in practice will be revolutionary and will have the ability to play music from any source:

  • Podcast
  • Sstreaming
  • Webradio
  • Traditional MP3s in local
  • Access to the Cloud
  • and so on

According to rumors we can access the music of Spotify, Play Music and even Apple Music all from a single program and that really could represent a real revolution in the world of music reproduction.

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