First I immediately define that this is not a real Service Pack intended as “new version” but it is a package of updates that Microsoft has made available mainly for those who want to reinstall Windows 7, perhaps already having an ISO containing the SP1, and very easily wants to install all the updates via a single file, a sort of Service Pack 2.

Unfortunately, this package integrates the updates of Windows 7 only until 16/05/2016, so all subsequent ones will still be installed, as usual, through Windows Update.
Getting all these updates with a single package is still a great advantage. The file basically contains all the updates released from February 2011 to May 2016.
Given still the huge use of PC with Windows 7 maybe, in the future, Microsoft will update that file, although most likely will try in every way to move users to Windows 10, no longer supporting the obsolete system.

The requirements for installing the “SP2” update package are:
-Windows 7 SP1: so if we are reinstalling Windows 7, with an ISO without Service Pack, we proceed immediately with the installation of SP1 ( link to the package )
-Stack of maintenance: this package for the 32 bits  and  this for the 64 bits

Once the requirements are met we proceed with the download of the “Service Pack 2”here is the update package (download the version for our operating system).

Download the package, to start the installation, simply double click on the installer to begin to complete the updates until May 2016.
Then proceed with the installation of missing updates, and doing a search with Windows update now should not be there plus lots of pending updates.