Best Android smartphone under $200 | July 2018

Today, many economic models offer features “close” to the high end, with processors with four/eight cores that are sufficient to run the operating system without problems. Likewise, they are compatible with the latest generation of mobile network, the 4G.

Even if there are phones that are of low budget, they could still be equipped with low-level hardware, so always be careful when choosing your next smartphone.

Many of you are probably thinking about changing your smartphone. Then we start from the base, stressing that a good phone does not necessarily have to cost much. There are many models with an excellent quality-price ratio, these that you find below are the best Android smartphones under 200 dollars.

Best Android smartphone under 200 dollars

Android, yes, but not the latest version

If Android, Google’s mobile operating system, is now in its eighth version, it is still common to see previous versions installed on entry-level devices. Although there are many devices that run with Nougat, on phones which cost less than $200 it is easier to find Android Marshmallow 6.0 or Lollipop 5.0 (few), which are more than enough on any device.

One of the great features of Android is its personalization. The system is very open and allows you to change both the interface and the features. This advantage can also become a disadvantage for the less experienced, who may sometimes get lost in endless menus, especially in settings, which are not always obvious.

An entry-level phone does not necessarily imply a mediocre battery. Most phones have a capacity of at least 2000 mAh, which is generally equivalent to one day of use.

Do low budget smartphones have small screens?

Investing in a smartphone that costs less than 200 dollars does not mean buying a phone with a small display. On the contrary, more and more devices offer screens whose size is between 4.5 and 5 inches, which is large enough to ensure comfortable web browsing and enjoy the content.

As for the technology used by manufacturers, it is mainly IPS, but their quality depends on one device to another. Some offer higher reading angles, such as the Honor 6X.

The real difference lies in the definition :

  • The 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) is reserved for high-end devices.
  • The 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) is becoming increasingly widespread in the midrange. The fineness of the display is very good, without reaching 1080p.
  • The 480p is still used on some devices, but the image quality is very low.

Can we take good photos with a low budget smartphone?

The photo is a costly feature and smartphones belonging to the basic level rarely shine on this point. To make matters worse, the data sheets do not help to determine the performance of a photographic sensor.

In the price range that interests us, sensors rarely exceed 8 megapixels. We must consider this as a low value to hope to have a minimum of details on our photos, below these megapixels will not have a good result. Some devices, such as Acer Liquid or Motorola Moto G 2015, arrive at 13 megapixels, but unfortunately it is not synonymous with better quality.

Can we play with a smartphone that costs less than 200 dollars?

The vast majority of phones in our selection is powered by a Snapdragon processor 400  or 410 of Qualcomm more or less. Both chips have four cores fast enough to ensure smooth use of the devices. Their graphics cards, however, do not have the strength to support complex 3D games. And it is also a normal thing.

Candy Crush will not be a problem, but we must forget about Real Racing 3. As for RAM, most devices have 1/2 GB of memory. On a daily basis, this is more than enough.

3G or 4G, the choice is important?

The 4G is now all over the world and the phones compatible with this technology are multiplying. Today you can enjoy this speed even with a phone that costs less than $200.

Best Android smartphone under 200 dollars

Nokia 6.1 – Price: $269.99


  • Good looking screen, with color reproduction and solid color details
  • The camera sensor attracts good lighting even in low light and HDR conditions
  • Two speakers with Dolby audio support the audio and video experience
  • The app change is snappy
  • Quick and accurate fingerprint scanner


  • Design a bit obsolete

The Nokia 6.1 is a solid phone with an almost premium feel, a pocket screen and a really capable 16-megapixel camera that sometimes makes it easy to forget that in your hands you have a cheap phone. But of this smartphone we must never lose sight of the affordable price in relation to the processing power: in more intensive use scenarios this aspect will be more evident.

Xiaomi Mi A1 – Price: $220


  • Clean and fast Android interface
  • Excellent battery life
  • Nice and solid design


  • The display quality is not exceptional, the screen is bluish
  • The camera is average

Xiaomi Mi A1 is the company’s first Android One phone, which means it runs on a clean and pure Android version and does not have the company’s MIUI. This is great for international users, as it helps with faster updates. Even the Mi A1 is well built, with a shiny metallic structure, excels in battery life and even has good performance. Its camera is not really the best around and the same goes for the display, but these are some aspects to be accepted for this figure.

Moto E5 Plus – Price: $229.99


  • Long battery life
  • Good Android experience
  • Pleasant design, robust construction
  • Quick and accurate fingerprint scanner


  • Sometimes it slows down
  • Low display resolution

The affordable Moto E5 Plus is proud of its battery life that is above average: you can get a day and a half from this phone and, if you do not use it so much, you can easily exceed 2 full days without using of the charger. All this thanks to the massive 5,000 mAh battery inserted inside the E5 Plus. Under the hood, we find a Snapdragon 435 processor and is equipped with a 6″ display with a resolution of 720p.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus – Price: $189


  • Great price
  • “Edge to edge” design
  • Excellent battery life


  • The performance could be better

The Redmi 5 Plus features a 6-inch taller screen with minimal bezel, a subtle and elegant metal design and a very, very affordable price. The thing that most diversifies this phone is definitely the MIUI interface on Android. It offers character and personality on the phone and has some advanced features that you will not find anywhere else.

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