Windows versions: what are the differences?

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When we are struggling with the installation of a new operating system, we often get lost among the various technical details.

This is the case with the versions of Windows that at first glance may seem all the same, but in reality they are not at all. Microsoft has in fact developed every different edition following the needs of certain types of users.

Not necessarily in fact the most complete version of Windows will be the one that best adapts to your needs. To clarify, we have consulted the Microsoft FAQs directly in order to provide you with an answer that is as clear and comprehensible as possible. Are you ready to find out which of the Windows 10 editions are right for you?

Windows 10 Home

Like the name itself, Windows 10 home is the one that is the most suitable version for Windows for home use. Usable on both desktop PCs and laptops, it is also recently loaded on tablets and 2-in-1 devices. In this case, the version is much more widespread and pre-installed on most preassembled PCs. 

Although it is, so to speak, the basic edition, it comes standard with all the  new features of Windows 10. So you will find Cortana, Microsoft Edge, support for biometric authentication and Continuum. If you then use a fairly dated version of Windows you will be pleased to see the integration of the application store directly in the program bar.

We also note this ” gamer oriented ” push by the presence of the Xbox Live service, which will allow you to record and share all your online departures.

Windows 10 Pro

If in addition to using the PC for leisure and recreation, this world is an integral part of your  work,  we need to level up. Windows 10 Pro,  in fact, although aesthetically looks identical to the Home version, offers tools dedicated to  power users and small businesses.

Among all we must remember Bitlocker, which deals with the encoding of files and documents, the ability to use remote desktop  in advanced mode and the presence of Hyper-V virtualizationIf you fall into the category of basic users then, remember that yes, the word Pro can also be cool, but includes functions that you will hardly use.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Given that large companies have distinctly different needs than a single, Microsoft has decided to satisfy them with the Windows Enterprise editionThis is not actually a .iso downloadable directly from the web.

In fact, to get access to  Windows 10 Enterprise, you will need to purchase an additional license. Once you do this you will have access to all the business features of the Microsoft operating system. Basically this version differs for the management of updates, security and the ability to easily manage a work group.

Windows 10 Education

This speech, even if slightly different, applies to the Windows Education versionsIn this case they have been specially designed for schools and training institutes. What changes, however, compared to other versions of Windows 10?

The features are very similar to Windows Enterprise, with the difference that more frequent updates will be received for the features supported.

Windows 10 Mobile

In the beginning it was Windows Phone, the mobile revolution of Microsoft that brought with it Windows Mobile. Now that we will not see more smartphones with Windows on board, the question arises. What happened to Windows Mobile?

In fact this version of Windows continues its cycle on many tablets and 2-in-1 devices. Its operation is indeed excellent and requires very few resources compared to rivals. Inside you can find many features dedicated to mobile devices. 

The most interesting are surely the completely revised graphic interface,  the Continuum mode and the optimization of the home for touch screens.


Now that we have established together which version of Windows to choose for your PC, downloading the right one will be really easy. Remember that not always having more features available corresponds to a better functioning of the operating system. Then adjust accordingly and carefully choose which one to use.

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