Although with several problems, a constant for any type of update so full-bodied, the Windows 10 October 2018 update has brought a number of rather interesting news.

A renewed vision of the Notepad has perhaps passed into the background, a simple and often snubbed instrument which, however, can be very useful in different contexts. In this short article we will address the small but significant improvements that have involved this tool.

The new features of Windows Notepad 10 October 2018 update

For fans of curiosity, it will be quite surprising to know that the Notepad is a constant that has accompanied the Windows operating systems since their most primordial versions: the first version of this utility in fact, dates back to 1985.

In spite of this, its basic structure has never changed particularly, as it is a basic text editor with almost no advanced features. On a graphical level, do not expect epochal changes, as the new features will be purely practical in nature.

Introduced support for UNIX, Linux and Macintosh

Those who work diligently in this environment have probably been waiting for this news for years: Notepad supports the typical line return of UNIX, Linux and Macintosh.

Translated into simple terms, this utility is finally able to correctly interpret the newline exactly as they were entered and managed by those who compiled the text.

The ability to zoom in text

It may seem like a simple feature, but even in this case Microsoft had to wait decades to introduce it!

To take advantage of this feature, you must click on the View menu and then click Zoom, choosing Zoom In or Zoom Out to enlarge or reduce the fonts in the document. With the Restore preferred zoom option, the text is restored to the standard size.

Everything can be reduced to a simple keystroke using CTRL and + or CTRL and – to automatically zoom in or out the text.

Automatic search with Bing

Microsoft is looking for a bit ‘all possible excuses and imaginable to push users to their search engine. The last attempt in this sense is the introduction of automatic search on Bing with Notepad.

With the new version of the utility in question, it is possible to perform an automatic search by simply clicking right on the selection and selecting the item Search with Bing which allows an instant search through the Edge.

The entry is still present in the Edit menu and can also be activated by pressing keys (in this case CTRL and E).

In conclusion: Notepad is a utility that goes almost unnoticed, but of reliable reliability. Its simplicity has always been much appreciated, with Microsoft developers who have intervened going to complete this tool without distorting it: the result is certainly a step forward more than appreciable.


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