WordPress Plugin : How many WordPress plugins should you install on your site?

Have you ever wondered how many WordPress plugins you should install on your site? Are too many? Do performances slow down? Do they conflict with each other?

In general, plugins do not worsen the status of web pages or their performance. Only those of low quality do it.

So if we were to answer the question, the answer would be that the number of plugins to install is equivalent to the number of plugins you need, even if it is a good rule not to exceed the number of 15.

The key lies in identifying quality plugins. Afterwards, we will provide you with valid information on how to recognize them.

How many WordPress plugins do you need to install on your site?

Plugin and Performance

Some plugins can increase the loading time of your site in the following ways:

– creating additional JS or CSS type codes;

– increasing the site database (eg: the “most read posts” or those of the “you might also be interested in …”).

To avoid these situations it is necessary to install the W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache plugin.

Creating additional JS or CSS type codes

In the case of creating additional JS or CSS type codes, you must have a minimum of coding knowledge.

There are two main methods of correction: the first consists in deselecting those scripts or additional codes that are loaded by the plugins, to combine them in the main code js. or css.

The second method consists in having the plugin loaded only on those pages where it is strictly necessary.

Of course these methods are not for beginners, and to do this you need to get help from expert hands.

Increase the site database

Some plugins can increase the loading time of a site such as the YARPP plugin that allows you to view the related posts, ie those like “you might be interested in …”.

In case of very large sites this could create some slowdowns: it is necessary in this case, to upgrade your host or to look for a professional or web designer who studies customized solutions.

If you have problems like this, you can also contact our development team, who will respond promptly.

Plugin and security

Low-level plugins help to reduce the security of the site or blog: however, this problem exists for any type of software on the market.

To minimize this problem you can use plugins with higher ratings from WordPress users, or regularly back-up.

Plugin and reliability

It is clear that you could ask yourself: what would happen if Apple stopped existing? No more iPhone? Or if there were no more Adobe we would not have Photoshop anymore?

The case of WordPress is different: plugins or applications are constantly improved thanks to services such as gitHUB, through which the developers help to improve the versions of their plugins to each other.

To find the best ones, always look for those with the most ratings and feedback from users.


Therefore, it is not about installing “too many” plug-ins, but installing only quality ones: comparing the number of downloads, ratings, user reviews, credibility of the author and customer support, you can locate them.

A good rule is however not to install more than 15 plugins for your platform, max 20. How many plugins do you have installed on your site? Are all updated to the latest versions of WordPress? Share your experience with us, leaving us a comment in the box below.

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