10 best Torrent clients to download movies and music in 2018

The Torrent network has existed for about 12 years and is the most widely used and appreciated P2P protocol.

The main advantage of torrent clients is surely linked to the fact that the required files can be downloaded in a very short time, avoiding waiting times and because you can download huge files with the possibility to resume the download from the point where it was stopped.

There are many torrent clients that are able to open .torrent files in order to reach and download the shared content linked to it.

With this article, we want to provide you a list of the 10  best torrent clients to download movies, TV series and music on our PC.


Surely, it is the most famous of its kind. BitTorrent, as well as all torrent software, allows in addition to downloading torrents and to create torrent files to share on the web.

Its use is extremely simple and intuitive. It allows you to optimize the bandwidth and configure settings on the bases of connection speed you have.

BitTorrent provides a torrent search bar that will exploit the default browser set on the PC.

Link to download BitTorrent


One of the best programs to download torrent files quickly. uTorrent has a complete settings panel, for example.

You can change the maximum bandwidth dedicated to download/upload or set priorities on files in the case of simultaneous downloads.

Note: You need to Pay attention while installing uTorrent otherwise, it may cause in installing adware and additional software useless.

Link to download uTorrent


qBittorrent, maybe someone has never heard of it, but it’s definitely the best torrent client. qBittorrent is free and open source, very light and with a simple, clear and intuitive interface.

It is a software developed in C ++ compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Among the many features, the software offers: a system of queues, priorities, automatic configuration of port forwarding, online search for torrent wires (you do not need to open the browser but it is all integrated), localization and the fast configuration of the upload/download speed.

Other strengths are the low consumption of RAM and CPU that make qBittorrent also suitable for less powerful PCs.

Link to download qBittorrent


Vuze is a free program available for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows you to either upload torrents or generate torrents to share on the network.

For those who are looking for a particularly fast program for download and upload, it is certainly an application to try, even if, you need a PC with a certain power to work properly.

From the point of view of the basic functionalities, we also find in this case the possibility to optimize the network band and to set the data transfer rate.

Among other features, we point out the presence of an integrated search system on various sites that can be added manually to the program.

Link to download Vuze


Transmission is a free torrent program for Mac and Linux users, but there is also an optimized version for Windows.

Transmission is an open-source software and without any kind of active advertising its simple motion interface, but with many hidden features inside, among which the web interface support.

The modification of the tracker, the encryption of the files, the bandwidth modification etc. so if you want a program to download torrents quickly you can not underestimate this software.

Link to download Transmission for Mac and Linux

Link to download Transmission for Windows


This torrent program makes performance research one of its strengths.

It has a download algorithm that improves and increases its performance, Tixati also has a nice graphical interface also.

As if this were not enough, we are glad to tell you that it is developed in order to optimize the use of CPU and RAM.

Link to download Tixati


One of the richest torrent programs in terms of functionality. As for its basic operation, which is essentially the one that most interests users, it does not differ much from its industry colleagues.

Among the most interesting features, however, we must emphasize the presence of a chat and the ability to stream the multimedia files that are downloading.

We can, therefore, say that Bit Comet is an excellent alternative to the more famous Utorrent and Vuze.

Link to download BitComet

Ultra Torrent

Ultra Torrent is the right candidate among the best torrent programs. Its fame is mainly due to the quality of the integrated search engine that allows you to browse through the best torrent sites on the net to find the torrents you want.

Added to this, this is simple in use and gives really fast downloading speed. Do not miss the classic settings typical of torrent programs, such as the choice of the access port, optimization of the connection band and limitation of data in and out (Download / Upload).

Link to download Ultra Torrent


A very simple program that manages the download and upload of torrents. Deluge is a very valid alternative to more established torrent clients like μTorrent.

Equipped with a pleasant visual interface and easy to use, this program is suitable for those who do not use massive torrents. Download movies and music, yes, but with judgment.

Link to download Deluge


And last but not least, Ares is the all-rounder program. Like eMule, BitTorrent or uTorrent, with Ares you can download free movies, music, programs, games, images and other files.

The program supports the download of Torrent files, allows you to see a preview of the files in download and integrates a player to play multimedia files (audio and video) present in the shared folder. Moreover, it allows you to surf the web directly from the client.

With Ares, you can download an archive from several sources, which allows you to improve the download speed.

Link to download Ares

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