10 curious easter eggs in GTA V which you must absolutely try

Launched in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V (or just GTA V ) is part of the series of games “apple of the eye” from Rockstar Games. Always surrounded by controversy, the game is also known for hiding secrets, surprises and honors both on the world map and on missions, NPCs, items and even in some dialogues. Take a look at some easter eggs in GTA V.


1. Hallucination with psychopathic clowns

Almost everything that involves Trevor, the most insane of the three protagonists, has explosions, gunshots, some kind of psychopathy that urgently needs hospitalization and drugs. This easter egg from GTA V is attached to a mission, so it will even be easy to find since you will have to do this quest at some point.

Hallucination with psychopathic clowns GTA V

In the mission called “Grass Roots”, Trevor finds an NPC in a square campaigning to legalize marijuana. Then he offers some of the herb to Trevor and well… The effect was much stronger than the criminal expected.

Trevor goes on a really crazy bad trip and starts seeing killer clowns (he hates clowns!) Getting out of a van, in a kind of Twisted Metal arena. Armed with a shotgun, you need to destroy the van and blow up some clowns in the process.

2. Bigfoot, you again?

Bigfoot GTA V

In Michael’s control, you will have the chance to review Bigfoot (which also appears in GTA San Andreas ).

In the “Predator” mission, use a sniper rifle and when aiming at the lowest part (from where you are at the quest site) you will notice some red spots in the thermal sight.

Most of the time they will be animals, but close to some cows it will be possible to notice the big foot stopped. When you aim at it and disable the aim it will disappear.

3. I see dead people: Jolene’s ghost

Jolene's ghost GTA V

Jolene Cranley Evans was murdered by her husband, Jock, when she was thrown from Monte Gordo in 1978. The killer, however, was never arrested for “lack of evidence”.

You can only find the ghost between 11 pm and midnight. As the spirit disappears if you get too close, use a sniper rifle to observe it through the scope or the cell phone camera.

Jolene appears on a rock in Monte Gordo. When it disappears, you can see a message written on the floor, in blood: “Jock”. In more optimized versions of the game, you can hear screams and other ominous sounds coming from the location.

4. Alien invasion

Alien invasion

Beings from other planets love to vacation through the franchise’s games. Aliens are perhaps the most recurring GTA V easter eggs. You can find them at a few different times and locations.

  • Diving in the ocean: there is an alien ship submerged in Paleto Bay. Use a submarine to get there without drowning;
  • ET worship: go to Sandy Shores. In this place there is a cult of aliens and it is possible to find paintings and other weird drawings on the floor;
  • UFO: Visit Mount Chiliad after completing the campaign. Use a sniper rifle to spot a spacecraft in mid-air;
  • Ellen Ripley, get here: at the very beginning of the game, Michael has the opportunity to reach a frozen river (under a bridge) where he can see a frozen alien – more precisely a Xenomorph – from the “Alien” series.

5. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption GTA V

You can find a reference to Red Dead Redemption (also from Rockstar) in Strawberry. Below a highway, there are several graffiti on the wall. When looking closely you can find the silhouette of John Marston (protagonist of RDR ) riding a horse in the moonlight. Poetic.

6. Hungry zombie (but good people)

Hungry zombie GTA V

Go to West Vinewood, a clear reference to Hollywood. There, the player will find something that resembles the Walk of Fame – with stars drawn on the floor and everything.

The most curious thing is that, walking around this place, you are quite capable of bumping into a zombie. Not someone dressed as a zombie, but a “real” one. Only instead of attacking you, he starts having a totally crazy conversation with you about the need for mandatory lobotomies and the types of brains he wanted to eat.

7. References to Back to the Future

References to Back to the Future GTA V

That GTA developers love cinema this must have been clear. The reference of the time is with the film Back to the Future, a classic from the 80s. The homage to the feature may not be so noticeable, and unfortunately there is no hoverboard or DeLorean, but pay attention to things like:

  • Light boxes: scattered on the roads, they have Gigawatts (type of voltage discovered by the Doctor in the films);
  • Orange vest: buy one for Michael at the Suburban store. It’s a vest just like Marty McFly;
  • 88 mph: this is the speed that DeLorian needs to reach to travel through time. There is a note, at Lester Crest’s house, that you can see a drawing of the DeLorean with the inscription 88 mph;
  • Movie City: Near the Pacific Buffs cemetery, you will find a sign that says “Hill Valley” – the name of the city in the franchise.

8. The pink dinosaur of dubious intentions

The pink dinosaur of dubious intentions GTA V

In the Grand Senora desert (take the road), you can find a giant statue of a pink dinosaur holding a hot dog.

This is a clear mention of Barney (even though his face is different), a weird animal that likes to be surrounded by children. I begin to suspect the raw material used in this hotdog’s sausage …

9. Where the weak have no time

Where the weak have no time GTA V

And we go with more films. Travel to Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. Upon arriving at the site, your character will face what appears to be a negotiation between traffickers who, well … It didn’t work out very well. Corpses are everywhere.

The only survivor of this massacre has a briefcase full of money. There are two options: leave the suitcase and continue whatever else you are doing or … Get the 25,000 inside it! The problem is that you will be chased by traffickers, but that is just a detail.

10. Facebook

Facebook GTA V

This GTA V easter egg will be easy to find because it is part of one of the game’s missions, called “Friend Request”. The whole mission is a satire wide open to Facebook and your task is to infiltrate a social media company and, of course, spread chaos (I won’t give spoilers, but it’s funny).