How to use and troubleshoot IE 11 compatibility mode

The compatibility mode of Internet Explorer 11 allows the old Windows 7 browser and still present in Windows 10 to correct display errors on more modern websites, being a “breakthrough” tool for those who still use the old browser. See how to use the feature and learn how to solve problems below.

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How to use IE 11 compatibility mode

The compatibility mode of Internet Explorer 11 allows Microsoft’s legacy browser to run websites correctly, because its engine is different from those used in most modern browsers, such as the company’s own Microsoft Edge, or competitors such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer 11 is a browser kept on the air primarily because of developers who need to support old pages, which have not migrated to newer features. But it is a fact that there are still a lot of people who use it to browse, even though it is no longer recommended by Microsoft.

How to solve problems

To use Internet Explorer 11 and fix problems with websites, do the following:

On Windows 10

  1. Open Internet Explorer 11 and access the website you want to view;
  2. Click on “Tools” (the gear icon), “Compatibility View Settings”;
  3. The website that is open will be pre-selected in the “Add this website” field;
  4. Click on “Add”;
  5. The site will be included in the “Sites you added to Compatibility View” list.

And ready.

On Windows 7

  1. Open Internet Explorer and access the website you want to view;
  2. Click on the compatibility view button (a torn page icon) in the address bar, if available;
  3. The button will change to blue, indicating that the mode is active;
  4. If the button does not appear, the site runs without needing the tool.

And ready.

In general, problems such as images that do not appear, wrong position of icons and scrambled menus and text, among others, can be corrected or mitigated with the active feature; however, Microsoft recommends using the new Microsoft Edge.

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