10 Famous Websites That Are Built Using Ruby on Rails

When building a website or web application, developers try to find programming languages that scale well, are not expensive to run, that are easy to use and that have longevity. All of these are properties of the programming language Ruby and its web development framework, Rails. Using Ruby on Rails, developers can build scalable, fast websites in a fraction of the time it would take them to build the same websites using other programming languages. Even with all the praise Ruby on Rails gets, are there good examples of websites built on the framework? As a matter of fact, there are lots of examples! Below, we will look at 10 websites built using Ruby on Rails.

10 Famous Websites That Are Built Using Ruby on Rails

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This is the first website built using Ruby on Rails. In fact, the framework was developed because of the unique needs of the functionality of this project management platform.


Github is a “social networking platform for developers”. On the platform, developers can host, share and “fork” code that they can reuse on their own projects. Any Ruby on Rails development company or developer can look through the different repositories and Ruby packages on there if they are looking for good packages that are validated by a huge open-source community.


Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry when it came online in 2008. Airbnb allows people to rent a room from others for a period of time. The website facilities both booking and payments so that hosts can offer any extra space they have to travelers at a fee.


If you have ever shopped online, you probably know Groupon. Groupon is built for bargain hunters who need coupons for their purchases. Groupon is built on Ruby on Rails and is known worldwide by anyone who needs to save money on their online and sometimes offline purchases.


Shopify is a growing platform that allows users to build their own online stores. It was built out of the need to have a better user experience for people who are not programmers but who want to run their shop. Developers can create custom themes and plugins for customers who use the platform as their storefront.


This video-on-demand TV service is also built on Ruby on Rails. It offers a subscription-based payment method and has a huge collection of TV shows.


Twitch is a popular gamers’ paradise where gamers share their streams as they play games on their computers or on an online platform.


Kickstarter is a leading crowdfunding platform for creators and inventors who need to bring their products to market but don’t have the funding to do so alone. Kickstarter has helped companies grow and some of the most popular products we use have Kickstarter to thank for, well, kick-starting their development.


Goodreads is an online book catalog that has a huge global following of writers and readers. Readers can search for books and create their own libraries, catalogs, and reading lists.


Dribbble is an online platform that lets individual designers and companies share their work and meet prospective clients.


The versatility of Ruby on Rails makes it a desirable tool in the eyes of developers. This versatility is what lets developers use it to build a wide array of different types of websites like the ones showcased above and many others.