10 Reasons to Play MMORPG

10 Reasons to Play MMORPG

When it comes to gaming, simply winning is not enough. It is the experience that counts. Right from the graphics to sound effects, to the user interface, to the wide range of characters, and how much you can influence the character features is where the fun lies. You may have come a long way from playing on NES; you must expect your character, your hero, to look and act as you want it to. Roleplaying is fun when you have a crowd to play/interact with. A customized character on your screen deserves to be seen and known to people whom it might influence and might want to talk to you. 

MMORPG is your answer. It brings to you the best of both worlds, where it provides a massively multiplayer online platform combined with roleplaying games for you to explore. These open-world games are played by thousands of gamers worldwide, and they adopt personas, take on challenges, build their character and interact with the virtual world of MMORPG. 

Following are the reasons why everyone should play MMORPGs:

  1. Character customization: a major reason MMORPGs are a rage is the character customization it allows the gamers to perform. You build your character right from scratch and maintain its unique persona. It might be your alter ego or a completely off-grid character you identify with or want to be like. It appeals to people all around the globe for the reason that you can build and become a person of your own chosen ethics, values, and looks. Maplestory offers incredibly detailed customization that you can utilize and modify as the game progresses. 
  2. Persistent character development: when you are playing a single-player pc game, you are playing a game for the sheer experience. But with MMORPG, you are playing to build a character that resonates with your imagination. Your play, grind, combat, and experience count over a field of gameplays and will allow you to climb up the levels to collect greater value equipment. 
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  • New upgrades in the game bring new challenges and new rewards for the same; Your character continues to grow its strengths, and you can continue the grind for new equipment, power, and strengths. You will collect in-game points to unlock/buy new avatars, weapons, or even mounts and accessories. The game developers have smartly designed weapons, armor, skills for each class to gain and excel their character further. You can refer to training guides that will set you up for success. 
  1. Free to play: while most games are free to play, they come with the condition that permits free play until you reach a certain level. After the level, you either have to buy the subscription or pay for unlocking the new levels. Some games with free levels will only collect or ask for payment for in-game purchases, for new avatars or equipment. 
  2. Fast-paced world, but you can slow down: you can either indulge yourself in serious competitive gameplay or play for the fun of it. Mmorpgs offer you various options of combat, PvP, quests, fights against bosses, or PvE. The storyline is fast-paced and moves on from one story to the next great adventure with many combat and reward points. You don’t have to follow a fixed path and choose to advent in any zone you want. 
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  1. Grind for equipment: some might see this as a repetitive event where you grind for armor, meta equipment. But the new equipment is worth it, and players don’t mind the fights that offer them a challenge and thrill. Grinding the dungeons, collecting PvP points/PvE equipment, and defeating meta world bosses equip you highly and help you raise your stats. Maplestory is one of the games with terrifying bosses, and you will require a Maplestory training guide for leveling up. 
  2. Connect with people all around the world: gamers are often mistaken as introverts. But in fact, they have no problem interacting with people worldwide who have similar interests. They connect, communicate and exchange game-related conversations that make them feel a part of the community. 
    • World PVP gives you a chance to fight and duel with players present in a specific area and connect with people randomly. 
    • Guild and clans help create synchronization amongst players that help each other to climb the ranks.
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  1. New upgrades and new content: the creators of the game are busy spinning new content for the game while you are playing. There are always new upgrades, customization, features for you to stock up or update. New content refers to new maps/areas, new world bosses, new questlines, which will give you a chance to defeat the world boss and upgrade your legendary weapon. 
  2. Skills and strategy: as you progress in the game, you can gain experience points and develop skills as per your character class and according to the game you are playing and your skill tree and talent. For example, World of Warcraft has classes of warlocks, rogue, monk, death knight, mage, and warrior; Monk has the skill set of tanking, healing, and DPS. 
    • Strategy refers to the group compatibility and your attack plan on the enemy. Communication is vital while taking down a dungeon boss: it requires an extensive strategy to combine the characters and their skills to defeat creatures or the boss. 
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  1. Game community: newbies and expert players can exchange tips and help each other out in the game. The game expands, as does the community as more people connect on the online platform and form guilds and clans: officially or unofficially. The community develops a set of ethics, code of conduct, and rules that give a sense of inclusion to every player if they belong. They either stick to the characters and carry out dialects or share game conversion under a pseudonym. 
  2. Are addictive: MMORPGs are very addictive owing to the ease of control and continuous evolution of the game. The roleplaying may get intense as the game progresses and with each level up. The characters become a comfortable place, and you tend to stick to it. Beware of how you play out your game. 


There is absolutely no reason you should not indulge in MMORPGs unless you want to skip out on fun and achievements. You can set up your account by signing up for any free game; with an initial tutorial and a basic idea of the game’s flow, you can begin your MMORPG game without further delay. What’s say?

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