11 App Banned from the Stores and NOT to install on Android

Today we point out the 11 Apps not to be installed on your Android absolutely because you banned from all the stores and dangerous for the security of your data and your phone

11 Android app not to be installed on Android

Play Store is full of applications to be installed on Android, there are almost 2 million apps available, and there are dozens of alternative stores including Apdoide where you can find all the apps, but there are some Android Apps that you really do not have to install on your smartphone is because they slow down your smartphone that endangers the safety of those who use it.

We have selected 11 applications that we do not recommend to install and use on your smartphone because they slow down your device, collect data, are dangerous for their use and therefore you should NOT install them.

The Apps do NOT install on Android

Turbo Power Clean

App clearly fake. It does not do what it says, it has a lot of permissions to go see, photos, contacts, phone numbers, email and much more. It does not speed up the phone, it also slows it down and is sneaky. Not to be installed at all.

All Applications for Downloading MP3

All, and I say all the applications to download MP3s are very sneaky because they access an incredible amount of data. They have invasive advertising that activate paid subscriptions even from 5 euros and more per week, and to download MP3 is really a feat between advertisements, banners, hidden buttons and so on.

All Applications to optimize the life of the Smartphone Battery

All apps to optimize battery life are useless on Android. The operating system already integrates all the functions necessary to close unused apps. It will not be necessary to close forcefully because the new start will take longer to re-open, consuming more battery.

360 Security

Another app that not only does what it promises, install other apps muted, insert lockscreen difficult to remove, shows full-screen random advertising and slows down the smartphone as well as making it more insecure. Then? Do not install it.

Advanced Task Killer and the like

On Android, even on the cheap ones, it is counterproductive to always close all the apps to “free up memory” and speed up the smartphone. All the task killers that close the app massively SLOW the smartphone. All the latest versions of Android manage the apps in the background, closing those that have not been used for some time. Not to be used absolutely, even on low-end ones.

Go Keyboard

This alternative keyboard for Android, captures the data you enter with this keyboard. It is dangerous and you do not have to install it. It is known that it collects data and sends it to the creators of the app.

THE MOST DANGEROUS Apps NOT to install on Android


Simsimi is a chatbot that has sent inappropriate messages thanks to artificial intelligence technology. Answers to questions by accessing a database but unfortunately is full of threats, swearing and sexual conversations. It has been removed from the Play Store and is dangerous for use by minors, especially because it is installed and used by the latter.


The Sarahah app, downloaded by millions of people several months ago, allowed to send anonymous posts. Born to share business thoughts anonymously, it has evolved and became very dangerous for minors and adults who used this incorrectly creating problems of considerable size. Removed from the Play Store.


Like Sarahah, even Secret allows you to publish and share secrets anonymously but also to comment, all of course anonymously. Like the others, it was used incorrectly with the publication of children’s photos and racist and homophobic contents. Removed from the Play Store in 2014.


Lulu allows anonymous evaluation of the sexual performance of women registered on the network. From the login through Facebook allowed access to all the photos and through the creation of a survey where they were assigned scores, they created problems (especially to men) of considerable size. It is no longer present on the Play Store.

Valentine Tracker

Valentine Tracker allows to trace a device, knowing, position, received and received calls and much more. Through the tracking via SMS it will be possible to follow a given smartphone where the app is installed. No longer present on the Play Store from 2013.

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