How to clear instagram cache on iPhone and Android

Looking for a way to free up space from the iPhone or after experiencing problems, do you want to know how to delete the Instagram cache on iPhone and Android correctly and permanently? I’ll explain how to do it.

With millions of active users every day and billions of content shared continuously, it’s really hard to stay in touch with our favorite influencers or, even better, with our followers.

If you are active person and you can not stay a few minutes without interacting with other Instagram users, posting photos and videos on the most famous photo social network in the world, then you may find the suggestion provided in this guide useful especially if you have any problems ‘use of Instagram, the application is slow or does not work properly. Most likely, the only thing you need to do is clear the Instagram cache permanently and start using the application in a fluid and stable way, then follow these solutions:

Instagram is among the applications available for iOS and Android that download more data in our device; in fact, the display of photographs and videos shared by other users or ourselves, requires space on our smartphone and in the long run could create clogging and problems that are not easy to solve.

How to delete Instagram cache on iPhone

If the application works correctly, there is nothing to worry about but if following an update or a bug limited only on our device, it could understand that the size of the application grow out of excess, even taking several GB of temporary files and cache: in this case, making sure to remember your username and password to access the social network, we just have to clean the cache of Instagram in this way:

  • close Instagram definitively by removing it from multitasking
  • open the iOS Settings and go to General> Free Space iPhone
  • wait a few seconds and select Instagram from the list
  • if you notice a use of application data between 50 and 150MB, you should not worry because it should be a regular use, in any case proceed with the elimination of the cache (when there are serious bugs the data occupied exceed even 1GB)
  • then choose Delete app and confirm the cancellation of Instagram
  • restart iPhone
  • at the end open the App Store, search for Instagram and download the application
  • open the app and log in with your credentials

Even if there is not a procedure to delete the Instagram cache on iPhone specifically, the complete uninstallation of the application seems to be the only best solution to fix a series of problems that you list in the next paragraph and clean the cache permanently.

How to clear the Instagram cache on Android

Rather different is the procedure to be performed on Android smartphones, in fact, the operating system allows you to delete more analytically the files used by the applications then installed to delete the Instagram cache on Android smartphones, be sure to remember username and password for access, then follow these steps:

  • close Instagram from the background apps
  • open the Android settings
  • go to the Application Manager or to the operating system section that shows you the complete list of installed apps
  • choose  Instagram
  • tap on Clear cache
  • launches the application

If you have not solved the problems encountered with the app you could try, at the fifth point,try to click on Clear data or completely uninstall the app and install it again if you can not find a solution.

Why clean the Instagram cache?

Like all software and applications that use the internet and temporary files to allow quick and instantaneous access to the user, Instagram also exploits the data stored in cache to provide a better service to its users. So if you have encountered problems with Instagram of various types, eliminating the cache may be the best solution.

According to various reports in online communities, clearing the Instagram cache on iPhone and Android is useful to solve the following problems:

  • can not connect to the social network or network problems
  • the feed always shows the same rolling content
  • searches do not take place correctly
  • the Instagram app closes by itself
  • bugs of various kinds

If you are in one of these situations, try updating the application to the latest version released or follow the procedure above on how to delete the Instagram cache on iOS and Android in a correct and complete.

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