How to turn off video autoplay on Twitter

Twitter plays videos automatically and in addition to being annoyed by this option, it wastes data of your Internet plan unnecessarily. Let’s see a short guide on how to disable the automatic playback of videos on Twitter!

How to disable automatic video playback on Twitter

It is not necessary to have technical knowledge about it but you will simply have to follow the steps described below and have installed in your device the latest version of the app of Twitter since the option is not present in older versions.

Why disable video playback?

The motivations could be many and, because even Facebook and Twitter include similar functions to fully meet the needs of users who do not want the videos to be automatically executed at the simple scroll of the feed/timeline, Twitter did not hesitate to include among the options this important function.

The advantages of disabling automatic video playback on Twitter are many:

  • lower consumption of mobile data from the active promotion on our mobile phone number
  • faster feed
  • lower battery consumption
  • no risk that a video can start automatically at high volume in a situation where it is necessary to be silent

Disable automatic videos on Twitter: the procedure

Let’s see what are the steps to be taken to be able to disable the automatic videos on the social of tweets and what other options offers the application to play videos and manage consumption at best:

  • open the Twitter app
  • touch the icon of your profile that appears at the top left
  • choose Settings and privacy> Data usage
  • select Automatic video playback
  • Never set to disable the automatic start of videos that appear in the feed

In this way you have permanently disabled the automatic playback of all videos on Twitter and you will need to tap on Play to start watching a video posted by users who follow in the social network; among the options available in the same section above, you find the possibility to disable the automatic video playbackpartially and only if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network (and therefore you should not have traffic limits) or leave it fully active in any situation; at the same time you can also decide if you want to watch videos in high definition, always or only if connected to a wireless network going in Settings and privacy> Usage and data> Video in high quality: this could be an excellent way to save giga on your smartphone.

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