Snapchat: how to delete sent messages

Do you love Snapchat and use it every day to see the shots posted by your friends or share the moments of your day in an easy and fast way? Then you can not be aware of this latest news introduced by the developers of this social network: the latest update allows you to delete messages sent on Snapchat as you can do with WhatsApp or Telegram and delete the message from the recipient’s device, of course before it is read. I show you in this guide how to delete messages sent on Snapchat and chats quickly and easily.

How many times have you avoided using Snapchat chat simply because you do not have a function that allows you to delete sent messages and prevent the recipient from reading a message sent by mistake or addressed to another person?

Probably taking a cue from the recent news that allows you to delete messages sent on WhatsApp , even the developers of Snapchat have decided to add in the official application a function that allows you to do this quickly and easily, trying to engage even more users to use this service also for instant messaging and not just for sharing photos and short videos.

How to delete messages sent on Snapchat?

Given that the procedure that I propose below is perfectly valid not only for traditional text messages sent via Snapchat but also for stickers, voice notes, photographs and videos, let’s see together how to delete a message sent on Snapchat using the new function Delete chat introduced in the latest update released in the App Store.

If you have sent a message to the wrong person or you simply made a mistake and preferred that the message is not read by the recipient, to delete a message sent on Snapchat you simply need to make a long touch on the message you sent and choose the Delete option.

The function is available for both single and group chats and in this way we will feel more confident in using Snapchat to communicate with our friends as we will have the possibility to delete the messages sent preventing them from being read; obviously the recipient, as happens for WhatsApp, will notice in the conversation that a message has been removed but will not be able to read its contents. Apparently, there is a maximum period within which a message can be removed before it is read by the recipient, but this data is not officially communicated.

It is important to specify that for videos and photographs the function is valid only if these contents are sent via Memories and not as a direct snap; so if you do not want to run the risk of not being able to delete a sent Snapchat message, save it first on Memories and then send it from there.

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