Android 9 Pie brings many new features with it and among these we have selected 11 features that you absolutely must know 

11 Functions of Android 9 Pie to be reckoned with

Google has officially released Android 9 Pie, the latest major update of the company’s mobile operating system that introduces new graphics, gestures, artificial intelligence and much more.

There are so many features included in the new major release as well as the useful function of the adaptive battery, which learns your uses and limits the amount of apps that remain open. In this article we will go to find hidden or less publicized features of the new version of Android.

11 hidden and less advertised features of Android 9 Pie

  • Up to 5 bluetooth devices to connect audio speakers or earphones without pairing again. We can handle calls via the headset and broadcast the music on the external speaker.
  • The volume of each bluetooth device remains memorized. It stores up to 11 devices with the relative volumes set before disconnection.
  • Rotate button added in the bottom bar to rotate the screen when you need it. Appears according to the applications, switching from vertical to horizontal display.
  • Find out which apps have shown you recently. Go to Settings -> Apps and notifications and clicking under notifications you will have a report of the apps that have been displayed on your smartphone for last notifications.
  • Android Pie suggests turning off frequent notifications automatically advises you whether to stop them or not.
  • New menu accessibility which if activated will appear in the bottom menu so as to have useful shortcuts directly in the bottom bar You will reach the essential options with a tap on the display.
  • Added Lockdown option in the shutdown menu where we can disable face recognition or face it in favor of only PIN or pattern so as to increase security. To activate it you have to go to Settings -> Security and location -> Lock screen preferences and Activate/deactivate.
  • The mobile hotspot will automatically shut off if no device is connected Already available on some smartphones from other manufacturers now introduces it to Android 9 Basic Pie.
  • Magnifying glass when selecting a text. Automatically when we have selected some text, this will be seen larger just above, making it easier to select the correct word or letter.
  • Added the Sound Delay Reporting function to signal and fix the audio delay between the smartphone and the wireless or bluetooth earphones. The delay in audio playback will be greatly improved.
  • locked smartphone will display time, time and battery level. As already happens for some Samsung and LG devices, the Always Display is introduced by default on Android 9 Pie.


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