How to see blocked contacts WhatsApp

If you want to know how to see blocked contacts WhatsApp with iPhone or Android, I could help you. It’s true, it’s a rather “unpleasant” method, especially if you use it against old friends. But what is too much is too much: blocking a person on WhatsApp is not the good thing, but it can be considered as a “necessary evil” if we are dealing with a friend who is a bit too heavy. With the passage of time, however, we forget about what happened (and to have it blocked) and maybe we also wonder why that person, once so insistent, does not write to us anymore on WhatsApp.

To make sure that you do not receive any more messages, calls and video calls from that contact because you blocked the contact, you should check your WhatsApp blacklist. But how do you see WhatsApp blocked contacts? Not knowing it, you turned to the web and, fortunately, you’ve come here. In fact, in fact, I ordered my WhatsApp address book. I just had to check which people were in my blacklist and which, instead, no. Then I decided to share my experience on the web to help you too. In the meantime, I’ve included some advice that allows you to unblock yourself on Whatsapp. So, if you agree, I’d say we can start.

How to see blocked contacts WhatsApp

To see WhatsApp blocked contacts with iPhone or Android, you do not need to install third-party apps or tweaks. You can do everything from the application. The same thing is true if you want to see who has blocked you. All you need to do is read the steps below.



If you’re wondering how to see WhatsApp blocked contacts and you have an Android smartphone, do not worry: it’s not difficult at all. After opening the app, press the icon with the three dots vertically, choose Settings and tap Accounts. At this point, go to Privacy and select Blocked.

So you can see the list of people you have blocked over time and, if you wish, “rehabilitate” them. To unlock WhatsApp contact, simply press the name and then the Unlock button which appears in the middle of the screen. Alternatively, you can call him or send him a message or even a media file via the chat.


To see WhatsApp blocked contacts on iOS, open the messaging app(WhatsApp) and access the Settings. From there, press the gear icon that appears at the bottom right. Once you have access to the menu, go to Account> Privacy> Blocked contactsand check who is on your blacklist. In case you notice an error, just press on the name, scroll through the menu items and choose the Unblock option. In a few seconds, that person will be unlocked and can contact you.

Understanding if someone has blocked you

Now that you know how to see WhatsApp blocked contacts, you may also be wondering how to see if someone has treated you the same way. Well, it’s very simple. To understand if they have blocked you on WhatsApp, you have to pay attention to some “detectors” details. In particular, there are four indications that, more than others, can make you realize that blocking is active towards you.

First of all, check the contact profile picture. If the mysterious user appears, chances are good that that person has blocked you. If you are looking for further confirmation, enter the conversation and check if you can see the last seen. In fact, unless this information has been hidden, it is a symptom of a blocked user.

While you’re in the conversation, try sending a message. If you see a single check (message sent but not delivered) instead of the canonical blue double check, I’m sorry to tell you, but your contact no longer wants anything to do with you. As a last check, try making a voice call or a video call in the course of 1 or 2 days. In case you do not receive an answer, you can not do anything else, if you do not try to unlock yourself.

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