15 Tricks to Use Instagram like a Pro in 2018

Instagram has been popular in recent months but to use it to the fullest and reach more and more followers you have to use it well. Here are some tricks to follow

Use Instagram as a professional with these tricks

Instagram is constantly rising with users who continue to increase and shared photos that are on the rise. The social network sharing of images is very popular among the youngest and the young but to use the app you really have to make a commitment to succeed and increase the followers of Instagram.

You do not have to be a professional of Instagram to increase your followers, but it is advisable to follow some simple guidelines to break down images owned by Facebook on the social network.

We have compiled a series of Instagram tricks for you that can help you increase your followers and succeed.

Instagram Tricks

Sort and customize filter list

Use custom filters, change the order to create a unique photo. To customize them, open a photo, edit it and click on the gear and then on Manage. So you can customize the order of the filters and apply new and unique in a few taps.

Unlink Facebook from Instagram

Although the two social networks are children of the same owner, it is possible to unlink the Instagram account from Facebook simply by opening our Profile (in the lower right corner), go to Settings and then scroll down to find the linked accounts, now deselect Facebook and confirm. So you’ll have disconnected Instagram from Facebook.

Write on the photos

To make your photos unique, you can add text directly on the image, and simply use the integrated editor, the Stories editor. In fact, by clicking on the camera app or opening an image from the gallery, finally you have to click on the Aa icon and start writing text with size and colors as you wish.

Click on Finish to finish the editor, and then click on the X to close the editor and save it with the changes made and tap on Delete. Finally to share it you can click on + from the main Instragam screen and share it with lots of text entered.

Save the Instagram Stories

You know that all the stories you publish are saved on your personal archive so as to cover them whenever you want. To browse the archive open your profile, click on the clock in the upper right and then on Archive and Post. From the drop-down menu you can select the saved Stories.

Write with different Fonts

You can customize all stories and images using different Fonts to make your sharing unique. The availability of new fonts is only in the latest version for Android and iOS available by tapping on Aa after selecting the image to customize. From there we can choose the effect between Neon, Modern, Machine and Bold.

View photos stored on Instagram

If we archive a photo on Instagram, we will take away the chance to see it to anyone. With this option we always have photos available but only for us not to the public, as a sort of archive. To archive go to Settings and then Archive directly from the open photo. To view them you must click on the clock in the upper right, then on Archive and Post.

Use Instagram to save photos but do not publish them

You can also use Instagram to edit photos but without publishing them. You can apply filters, correct colors and gradients, rotate and more but without publishing them, it’s like having an integrated photo editor. To do this you have to open a photo, modify it as you want and then click on Publish. Obviously not to publish it you have to put the phone in flight mode and activate the function Save original photos from the settings of the profile.

Open Instagram photos in original size

From the smartphone just a tap to open the photo in real size while from PC to do so you have to select the photo and replace the last part of the link from “?Taken-by” with “media/?Size=l”.

Delete the photos where you are tagged

If you do not like the tags and you want to remove yourself from the photos you have tagged, open the photo you are tagged in, click on the three dots, and then Post options and Remove tags.

Check Filter before applying it

Take a long tap on the image to be modified to see a comparison on the fly between the original and the one with the filter.

Discover the likes of the Friends

You can discover the likes of your friends by opening the app, click on the heart below and then on Follow already. So you will see the likes of all the followers.

How to wrap and format text on Instagram

To create a professional description you can format the text by going to head. If for iPhone the enter key opens it only by clicking on the numeric keys (123) function for Android there is the key headed directly on the keyboard. But this is not enough because if you want to put spaces between the description and the hashtags, as you use to do, you must put at least one character (not the space) after sending, putting a dot of suspension. So, in summary, write the description, dots after the submission and then the hashtags.

Activate notifications on a single user

If you want to receive notifications from a nearby person you can activate them individually by opening a post of the favorite person, click on the three dots and finally tap on Activate post notifications.

Check the posts where you put like

Check all the posts you like to put I like simply by opening the options in the Profile and in all the menus you find the Post post you like. In that section you will find all the posts you have liked.

How to have the blue check on Instagram

The blue check indicates a certified and verified profile. Before you could request the verification of the profile by filling out a form, now it is Instagram to verify the accounts, obviously you are famous people like actors, singers and many others. It is Instagram who contacts you.

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