How to 2x Playback speed of long audio files in Telegram

No time to listen to voice messages? The Telegram has a feature to speed up playback audios long – you can hear the message of your contacts up to two times faster to save time with the more long-winded.

Here’s how to use the feature in a conversation from rival WhatsApp messenger. The function is available in the desktop, Android and iPhone ( iOS ) apps, but not in the web version of Telegram.

How to speed up the playback of long audios on Telegram

How to speed up long audios on Telegram

  1. In a Telegram conversation, search for an audio message and tap the arrow to start playing.
  2. You will see a playback bar at the top of the screen. Touch the “2X” button to play the accelerated audio – the button will be outlined in blue, as shown in the following image:speed up the playback of long audios on Telegram

To reverse the acceleration and listen to the voice message at the original time, just touch the “2X” again. Telegram doesn’t allow you to choose alternative playback speeds – just normal or twice as fast.

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