E-waste Management: Effective Approach Businesses Should Consider

The advancement of technology has given us various benefits. Our everyday life has become a lot easier due to innovations in technologies. Every business now requires electronic items like computers and mobiles to operate. We have become so dependent on these that surviving without them seems impossible now. But somehow, this dependency of ours is creating a burden on our environment.

As per the data collected by Statista ‘Since 2010, the volume of e-waste generated globally has been steadily rising by 2019, approximately 53.6 million metric tons was produced. It was an increase of 44.4 million metric tons in just five years. Of this, only 17.4 percent was documented to be collected and properly recycled.’

All this e-waste is creating severe issues for our environment and our health.  Even though businesses can’t stop using computers, mobiles, and other devices, they can help in reducing e-waste generated by them.

The following steps can help companies in E-waste Management:

E-waste Management: Effective Approach Businesses Should Consider

Repair and Return

Most of the electronic items can be repaired and put to use again. Rather than throwing your electronic waste when they get damaged or stop working, you can get them repaired. Besides, some electronic items come with a return policy that allows them a service to replace damaged parts with new ones and also ensures the disposal of remaining items.

Moreover, the cost of the repair is relatively cheaper than buying a new device. Repairing electronics help businesses to save the environment as well as money.


Due to Technology up-gradation, various electronic items lose their value. If the devices used in your company have become outdated and of no use to you, make sure that you recycle it. The experts at https://www.cjdecycling.com/ disclose that recycling helps in minimizing carbon footprint generated and reduces your contribution to the humanitarian disaster.


In case your company has devices that work fine but is of no use to their business. Instead of just throwing them away, you can donate those devices to an NGO, school, or charity service. It will be more helpful to make use of these electronics and will also help in enhancing the brand value of your business.

E-Waste Policy

Most important of all is that the company should make an e-waste policy.  Understand the type of e-waste your company produced and implement the policy changes accordingly.

Data Disposal

Every company creates digital data for its business on the devices they work-on. Destruction of this data is as essential as the physical destruction of the electronic device.

Minimize expenses

Every business aims to earn profit by reducing their expenses. Investing your money in unrequired electronic devices will only increase your carbon footprint. You can also lease equipment for short time use instead of purchasing them. The initial step business can take toward waste management is by producing less junk. It also helps the company to save money.

With good e-waste management businesses can reduce their yearly waste production, save money, and contribute their part to the sustainable development of the environment.

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