4 Sites to Download Background Music without Copyright

We live in a world of music, and the Internet as always is the main resource where to find excellent quality. Unfortunately, if you are a videomaker and a youtuber, you know very well the problems you might encounter using someone else’s music and copyrighted. Fortunately, just a little ‘information and cunning to find lots of royalty free songs that you can use for your business projects, and not only for personal ones. That’s why today we’ll give you a list of 4 sites to download background music without copyright.

Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is without a doubt the best of sites to download background music without copyright. This is because it exposes a flood of free songs collected in a boundless database, without terms of comparison on the Internet.

In addition, the music tracks are classified according to different criteria and therefore ordered in comfortable and intelligent categories: this will be useful to move easily to find the piece that is right for you.

Depending on the licenses, which you will always have to check, you can also download and use background music for commercial projects: you do not need to pay anything, but before downloading, it is still a wise idea to always check if this possibility is granted by the author of the piece. Finally, know that you can download the songs in MP3 and AIFF and WAV formats.


The second of the sites to download background music without copyright that we want to introduce you today is Musopen: even in this case you will be faced with a collection to say the least huge royalty free songs, which you can then download and use for free, even for projects for commercial and not just personal purposes.

Most of the songs on this site, in fact, is granted with the CC0 license, which then is the one that interests you. As always, however, be careful to read carefully the license with which a piece is distributed, because you may also come across CC 3.0 and others that require citations or prevent commercial use of the piece. As for the research, here you find interesting categories such as the subdivision by musical instrument.


YouTube is also an excellent source of free songs licensed with CC0: there are not many, and not all are catchy, but according to the genre is very likely that you will still find something suitable for you.

The convenience is that you can set the search to exclude all the other songs, and of course you can use the internal YouTube editor to add them directly to the video: if you’re a YouTuber, you probably already know the full potential of this platform in that sense.

Consider that, unlike other pieces of music and videos, it is the YouTube itself that allows you to download these songs to your computer, and to use them as you wish, clearly without paying anything. Finally, if you’re afraid of taking a penalty on your account for a copyrighted song.

Facebook Sound Collection

The last of the sites to download background music without copyright is Facebook Sound Collection: it is a real database offered by the well-known social network to its users, which has dozens of free music tracks to download and use without quotes or other.

It is very similar to the YouTube section seen above, but still has limitations regarding the terms of use: downloading these songs, in fact, you agree to use them exclusively for the videos you publish on Facebook and Instagram. In fact it is a bit ‘limiting, but if you need a song to edit a decent video for Facebook, then surely you’ll be a wonder.

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