Have you ever thought about how your voice would sound with a different tone or intonation? It would be very nice to know the appropriate tools to change your voice in real time, perhaps to be used during a video chat or in the creation and production of a simple video.

There are many programs that allow you to change the tone of your voice or transform it from male to female and vice versa, so we decided to select for you the best 5 programs to change the voice completely free. All the software listed below is available for Windows systems (and some even for Mac) and they have all been made for the same purpose: to change your tone quickly and easily. If you are looking for a solution for mobile devices then you can consult our article with the 5 apps to change voice for Android and iOS.

To get to know these tools in depth, we advise you to continue reading the article, so as to make the choice of the right program that can execute and satisfy your needs. After briefly mentioning the content of today’s focus, we are ready to list and describe these excellent and popular software for editing the voice.

List of programs to change voice

Index of programs:

  1. Free Voice Changer
  2. Skype Voice Changer
  3. Voxal Voice Changer
  4. Athtek Voice Changer
  5. Fake Voice

1. Free Voice Changer – ^

We start today’s show with Free Voice Changer, which according to our opinion and that of many other users is the best software ever to modify and change the tone of your voice. If your intention is to use this software, then you must know the main features made available to users that can be summarized as follows:

  • Change pitch
  • Change audio stream time
  • Supports M4A, MP3 and WMA files
  • Slow down the audio voice
  • View antreprime in real time
  • Change the playback speed
  • Manage the volume of the audio

2. Skype Voice Changer – ^

Are you an enthusiast Skype user and often use it for voice calls? Would you like to be able to change your voice during one of these video calls? The ideal software to achieve this is called Skype Voice Changer and offers its users a multitude of effects to apply to their voice. To take advantage of this good program, you need to have a working account on Skype otherwise the application can not be used. In short, the main features of Skype Voice Changer are:

  • Apply effects to the tone of voice
  • Customization of parameters such as speed and delay of the video
  • Adjustment of speed and delay based on the chosen effect
  • Select multiple effects simultaneously

3. Voxal Voice Changer – ^

Voxal Voice Changer is perhaps the best program ever to change the tone of your voice. It is a very complete and light tool that allows you to apply effects to your voice and enhance all types of recordings. It makes available to its users a series of pre-set items as well as allowing them to be created from scratch. If your interest is to change your voice, or change the tone of any audio track, then Voxal Voice Changer is the program to use as a reference.

4. Athtek Voice Changer – ^

Have you made a recording in WAV, WMA or MP3 format and want to change the tone of your voice to create a nice recording? Athtek Voice Changer allows you to accomplish this by performing 4 simple steps of configuring and editing the file.

What can you do with this interesting software?

  • Use files in WAV, WMA and MP3 format
  • Alter the speed and pitch of the voice
  • Raise or lower the tone of the voice by 24 semitones
  • Change the playback speed (fast or slow)

5. Fake Voice – ^

Do you want to change your voice in video or in a voice chat and want to apply highly customizable effects? The software described above are not of your like or do not have the ideal characteristics to achieve the desired result? Then it’s time to present a great software called Fake Voice that offers a series of tools and customizable effects that can make your voice unique and unique. With Fake Voice it is possible to:

  • Adjust the format, tone and noise threshold
  • Apply the echo effect
  • Apply the robot effect
  • Change the duration and intensity of the voice


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