How to promote a video on YouTube

Did you open a channel on YouTube and would you like some advice on how to grow visits on it? Well, you should know by now. The first requirement for creating successful content is to create quality content. Starting from this concept, however, you can try to promote your videos with a series of moves that we are going to see together.

Read the guide on how to promote a video on YouTube that I am proposing and you will discover how to make your videos more “attractive” in the eyes of the public and search engines. With a little ‘luck and a lot of effort, I bet you can get the desired results.

If you want to find out how to promote a video on YouTube, know that there is no magic solution that can get you millions of views from one day to another. Instead, you have to adopt a series of small measures that allow you to give visibility to your content and encourage users to subscribe to your channel.

One of the first steps you can take to increase the chances of people finding your video is to optimize the title and tags of the video carefully. This means that you need to use clear and catchy headings and tags that are simultaneously matching the content of the video and similar to the keywords that people search the Web for more.

To find out what are the most searched keywords (and therefore the potential tags) on the Internet, visit the Google Trends website and perform a search containing the video title using the search field located on the left side of the screen. You will get a ranking with all the most searched keywords related to the terms you typed.

Another way to promote a video on YouTube is to leave enabled the ability to embed the video on external sites. Although for copyright reasons you may not wish to embed your video on Internet sites that do not ask you for permission, for the purposes of video visibility is recommended to leave this option available. In doing so, in fact, your content can be enjoyed by hundreds (maybe thousands) of users who will know them through blogs, forums and Internet sites that decide to integrate your videos in their pages. It’s all free advertising!

Keeping in mind with the visibility of videos on sites outside of YouTube, I suggest you include small notes in your videos that invite users to subscribe to your channel. In this way, you will attract random visitors to take a look at the other videos you’ve posted on YouTube and subscribe to your channel.

If you do not know how to add notes to your videos, all you have to do is access their page and click on the comic book icon located immediately below the YouTube player. In the page that opens, select the point of the video in which to make the annotation appear, click on the Add annotation button (on the right) and select the item Note from the menu that appears. Finally type the text you want to appear in the note (eg SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ), put the check mark next to the item Link and select Channel or Subscribe from the drop-down menu located next to it, depending on whether you want to create a link to the channel or directly to the subscribe button. More info in my guide on how to edit videos on YouTube.

Do you have a blog or an Internet site? So in addition to posting on your videos, you could advertise your YouTube channel with the appropriate buttons. All you have to do is connect to this YouTube page and choose the button you prefer most from those available.

Next, insert the downloaded image on the main page of your site/blog (maybe in the sidebar) and add a link to it that refers to your YouTube channel or a specific video, depending on your needs. This will allow you to earn some visits from casual users.

Finally, if there is a video of your channel that you intend to “push” more than any other, put it in the foreground. To do so, access the main page of your channel on YouTube by clicking on your photo in the upper right and selecting the item My channel from the menu that appears, and click on the button Add a video in the foreground. Then choose the video to put in the foreground in the channel, click on the Apply button and you’re done.

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