How to edit videos on YouTube

Have you uploaded a video on YouTube but after you have finished uploading, have you noticed that the movie is too dark or that the shots are too much?

Do not despair. There is a way to improve the look of the video directly from YouTube without having to edit it locally on the PC and then reload online.

Curious to find out how it’s done? Then you just have to read the guide on how to edit videos on YouTube that I’m going to propose and put it into practice. I bet you will be amazed by the ease of use and the power of online tools offered for free by the famous video portal.

If you want to learn how to edit videos on YouTube, the first step you need to take is to connect to the main page of the site and click on your photo located in the upper right corner. Now, select the item Video Manager from the menu that appears and, in the page that opens, click on the preview of the movie you want to edit.

You will find all the tools to edit your video under the YouTube player: the pencil icon allows you to edit the information of the video (description, tags, etc.), the icon of the magic wand to apply various visual effects to the video, while clicking on the musical note you can add an additional audio track to the movie. The other two icons, that of the comic and the one with the letters CC, allow you to add respectively comments and subtitles to the video.

If you want to edit videos on YouTube by applying special effects to them, improving their quality or cutting them, you have to click on the magic wand icon. On the page that opens, a preview of the original video is displayed with the modified version of the video next to it. Then choose the effects and corrections to be applied and, when you are satisfied with the final result, click on the Save button to save the changes.

You can choose from a wide range of visual effects (displayed as a preview on the right side of the page) and various correction tools, such as the Stabilize filter that allows you to stabilize the shots coming, the Auto Correction that intelligently balances the video parameters (brightness, color, etc.) and Refine lighting and color that allows you to adjust the same properties manually.

You can also crop the video, indicating the start and end points, by clicking on the Crop button and obscuring the faces of the people portrayed in the movie, by first clicking the More Features button and then clicking Apply. If the edited video has already received a large number of visits, you can not save it directly but you have to publish it as if it were another video.

Would you like to edit videos on YouTube by mixing the videos you have uploaded to your channel with other videos, sound clips, transition effects and many other interesting elements? Then connect to this page of the site and use the internal editor of YouTube to give vent to your creativity.

It is a very easy to use tool that very closely resembles many popular video editing programs, such as Windows Movie Maker. Just use the buttons located at the top left to browse videossound clipstransition effects, etc. present and drag the elements to be used in the movie to the bottom of the timeline.

At the end of the work, you can type the title to assign to the video in the appropriate text field (located at the top right) and publish the final result on your channel by clicking on the Publish button. Easier than that?

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