5 SEO Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Traffic

Whether you want to drive more sales to your business or you want to stand out successfully with your blogging, SEO copywriting helps in various ways to boost your traffic. The best practice of SEO starts with incorporating the keywords with a much natural aspect. At the same time, the SEO copywriting techniques used by SEO Adelaide agencies are very useful to boost the SEO ranking with better search results that organically draws more traffic. Here are the 5 SEO copywriting tips that you can use to leverage the drawing of better traffic to your page:

SEO Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Traffic

Use clear and to-the-point headline tricks for more clicks:

Using the proper headlines have more benefits than any other SEO tricks. Suppose you want to draw better attention from readers. Headlines are one of the more appealing secrets to get more clicks and shares, which increases the ultimate conversion rate. At the same time headlines are capable of boosting the search engines with better tricks. Here are some of the tricks that you can apply:

●       Adding at least one number in the headline to get more SERP clicks

●       Including 12- 18 word to get more Facebook engagements

●       Phrases like ‘need to know’, ‘the future of’, ‘thing to’, ‘x reasons why’ incorporating in the headline draws better results in SERP.

Breaking your content with relevant headings:

Not only the headline titles but also the headings that you include in your article has a better impact on the SEO copywriting. It is important to use multiple headings and subheadings to break up the long content into relevant and easy to read paragraphs. It is recommended to start an article along with an outline that consists of all the heading.

The headings have the potential to increase your readers’ spending time on your page. At the same time, it impacts your ranking on the SERP.

Add media contents to make your article more appealing:

Though media is not copywriting, it works great when it comes to fueling the copywriting on your page. It helps in various ways to improve your results in search engine optimization.

Adding images and videos have enough power to draw more readers to your page and gives them better interest to spend some more time on your page. The high- quality images help in ranking in the Google image search. Add images with proper file names if you include primary or LSI keywords in the title of the image. It is also recommended to create similar texts with the image file name without any dashes. Compressing your image file size works better in reducing your page loading size.

Add an introduction that has the power to impress your readers:

To be honest, there are very few people who are actually going to scroll to the end of your article. Most of them are going to read the headline to find out if there is anything useful for them or not. Once your headline is successful in drawing your reader’s attention, now it is the turn of the intro of your content which is going to convince your readers to spend more time on your content. The introduction of your content is extremely important to engage your readers for a long time. Start your article by drawing your readers by making them agree with what you are saying. Then promise them that you are going to serve their interest.

Opt for a design that can build the trust of your readers:

The design of your site has the power to boost the dwell time and conversion rate, which increases the trust of your readers. You need to focus on well-formatted contents with short sentences and small paragraphs along with bullets and high-quality images, the proper amount of headings and subheadings.

Fonts also need to be better readable. It is recommended to use a minimum of 14 px font size for easy readability on the screens. Moreover, using a font with good web readability is going to help you in a more organic way.


The SEO copywriting skills are undoubtedly very important to draw more traffic to your page. Moreover, it makes your content more appealing to your readers which makes them find it useful and stay some more time on your content. This is automatically going to improve your conversion rate with better success.

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