8 Free App for Managing Photos on Android and iOS

Have you ever wondered how many photos are taken every day with smartphones? And how many of them are shared with friends on WhatsApp or on social networks? We are in the billions: a scary number, which requires the use of apps for smartphones and tablets that can allow users to manage them according to a logical thread, and to use them relying on tools that are immediate and easy to use. If you also love taking pictures of anything that faces the goal of your phone, you will surely appreciate these 8 free apps for managing photos on Android and iOS.

Crunch Gallery

Crunch Gallery is a must-have app for anyone who wants to keep a huge amount of photos on their smartphone, without running the risk of occupying the entire mobile phone memory. The reason is that this app, as well as allowing the creation of a simple and intuitive archive, also allows you to resize photos and videos (up to 50%) to make it take up less space on your smartphone. All without compromising the quality. The app is available free for Android and iOS.

Google Photos

Google Photo is an app designed more like a search engine, which will allow you to find your photos by entering keywords, without having to browse the various multimedia folders indefinitely. In addition, the Google app is equipped with automatic backup of your files and a clouding service with which you can access photos and videos from any location or device. Finally, to underline the fact that Google Photos has a fun editor that will allow you to edit videos and add special effects to photos. Available free for Android and iOS.


FilesBoard is an app with an interface similar to Pinterest, which will allow you to better manage and store not only photos and videos, but also music, text files and much more. The advantage of FilesBoard is that this app also works wirelessly, allowing you to manage your photos even from the PC. Finally, this app will allow you to interact with your Dropbox account and protect your data with a password. Available only for iOS.


Untidy is an app designed especially for those who own thousands of photos and want to order them in one go, without suffering the pains of hell. With a simple movement of the finger, in fact, you can select many files and move them to their respective folders. Once you have ordered them, you can organize them more calmly with the appropriate Tidy options. Available for Android.


QuickPic is a convenient alternative to native gallery management apps. Its convenience lies in the fact that it can access all cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Flickr, DropBox and Xandex. QuickPic is also equipped with a fun photo editor, and is available for Android and iOS.


Slidebox is a very special app, as it differs from the others for an intelligent system that can identify blurred or duplicated photos, and delete them with a single finger tap. For the rest, this app has the same organizational characteristics as the others. Available for iOS and Android.


Moments is a perfect app for those who like to share group photos, maybe taken at parties or events. The application is in fact able to automatically share these photos with friends, recognizing them through profile photos and Facebook tags. Available for Android and iOS.


Picjoy is an app similar to the previous one, but much more private and dedicated to a small circle of friends. It also proves to be very effective as an organizational software for your gallery, as it is rich in options and very easy to use. Finally, Picjoy also has a search engine that allows you to find photos based on the places and seasons. Available for iOS and Android.

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