5 Best Apps to Open ZIP and RAR Files on iPhone and iPad

Since the release of first iPhone, it always tried to give its best to its buyers. But still, there are many features which Apple don’t provide us. Among the few flaws, there is the inability to resort to a native app for the opening of ZIP files and RAR files: the only way to open the archives, therefore, is to resort to the App Store to download a third-party app that lets you do it. Fortunately, there are many free and paid apps that will allow you to do this in the best way. Let’s see together the best 5 apps to open ZIP and RAR files on iPhone and iPad.


The app to open archive files on the iPhone and iPad more famous is definitely WinZip: of course, you already know this software, because of its great diffusion on PCs, so we probably will not tell you anything that sounds unknown to you. This app, available to you for free or in the paid PRO version, allows you to automatically open archive files or limit yourself to viewing their contents. The only limitation is that WinZip does not always start correctly, forcing you to repeat the operation: in any case, if you are willing to face this possibility, WinZip proves to be an excellent option for opening RAR and ZIP files.

Zip & Rar File Extractor

Zip & Rar File Extractor is an excellent application for iPhone and iPad. While not allowing you to set the automatic extraction of files contained in the archive (as opposed to WinZip), this app is still very suitable because of its simplicity and its speed. Unfortunately, the advertising of the free version ruins the user experience, and can only be eliminated by switching to the paid version. There is even better, but Zip & Rar File Extractor is still able to say its own.

Zip-RAR Tool

You will hardly find a faster app of Zip-RAR Tool on iPhone and iPad, even if sometime you will have to lose it to manually extract files from the archive, there is no automatic extraction option. Not bad, because this app is among the best ever for ZIP files and RAR files. Unfortunately, even Zip-RAR Tool is affected by annoying pop-up ads: a problem that you can solve by switching to the paid app version.

Zip Browser

What happens when we combine simplicity with speed? You can get an example of it from the apps like Zip Browser: the ideal to be able to take advantage of a very fast program with a minimalist and very user-friendly interface. In addition, Zip Browser will allow you to unzip many types of archive files, or alternatively to view the files contained within it, using a convenient browser that will allow you an agile and convenient reading of documents. In this case, however, we recommend that you also switch to the paid version, as you will unlock many additional options, such as the search function inside the archive files. To be tried absolutely.


FastZip is very similar to the app for iPhone and iPad produced by WinZip, so it is a good choice considering that, unlike WinZip, it is totally free and does not provide any paid function. Moreover, just to not miss anything, FastZip also allows you to share archive files with other media and other mobile applications. And also to share files where you prefer.

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