A message on PS4 can Crash it : Here’s how to defend yourself

A simple message sent via integrated messaging system would crash Sony PlayStation 4. The solution will format it or restore it. But we tell you how to defend yourself

A message sends the PS4 to Crash: Here’s how to defend yourself

In the last days a serious problem is spreading on the Sony PlayStation 4 consoles that would crash causing serious problems to the management of the console, in some cases even to format the hard disk, simply receiving a series of characters through the integrated app.

In fact, if during a game session you receive a particular message, the console first crashes and in some cases goes into bootloop preventing the boot and the only solution is the complete formatting of the hard disk initializing the console in fact.

The problem arises both if they send us a direct message but even if it is in a group, causing the consoles of the users who receive the message to crash, and it is not even necessary to open it, but only to receive the notification.

Waiting for Sony to release an update here is how to protect yourself and how to try to solve.

How to avoid PS4 crash with message

To avoid crashes you will have to limit and totally disable the reception of messages and to do so you must access the settings of the PlayStation 4.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open the Account Management section
  3. Privacy Settings
  4. Personal Settings
  5. messaging
  6. And finally select the item None or Only Friends

So you will avoid strangers sending you messages in the hope that it is not some friend to send you the killer message of your PS4.

If you’ve been hit by the crash here’s how to try to solve.

Crash PS4 with message? Here’s how to solve

You have to open the PlayStation App on your smartphone where you can see the message and try to delete it.

Then you need to access the Safe Mode on the PS4 by pressing the power button for 7 seconds and resetting the console.

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