Facebook is always enriched with new features, now also introducing 3D photos. For the moment the mode is still experimental and is available only for iPhone users, but very soon it will be available for all other devices. Do you want to discover this new feature and how can you upload 3D photos to Facebook from your account? Then you have to do is read this article, in which I will explain how to take and upload with your iPhone this new type of photographs on the most popular Social Network.

3D photos arrive on Facebook. Here’s how to take and upload 3D photos on the Social Network

3D photos on Facebook are still experimental and are currently available only for the possession of iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs. It will not be long for this new feature to be made available to all other devices. This means that you can upload 3D photos regardless of the device you have, both iOS and Android. The three-dimensional effect at the click is given by taking advantage of the various levels of depth of the photo, in which the elements are distinguished in the first and second floor. Obviously, the more distinct and contrasting the various levels will be, the greater the 3D effect will be.

You do not need to own a device that takes 3D pictures. If you want to stand out from your friends and publish photos in 3D, the method is simple. You can take 3D photos directly from the Social Network app, or turn 3D photos you’ve already saved on your phone into 3D. Here’s how to do it.

Take a 3D photo on Facebook

You can take a 3D photo directly from the Facebook app. Just take a picture in portrait mode directly from the App. The Social Network will take care of the rest, which is designed to recognize the various levels of depth to give the photo a three-dimensional look. It is important to know that when you take the picture in portrait mode, the foreground image must stand out clearly from the background image.

Upload a 3D photo on Facebook

In case you want to turn a photo into 3D that you have already stored on your phone, you have to do is open the Facebook app on your phone and open a new post. At this point you have to select the item “3D Photo” and it will automatically open the gallery of photos where you have stored your shots on your phone. Select the photo you have chosen to publish and Facebook will make it 3D! Simple, no?

Below, here is a video demonstration that has been published on the Facebook 360 page that will show the procedure to publish a 3D photo on the social network. This is by no means an easy time for Facebook and the introduction of these innovations have the taste of a redemption and wanting to come out of this difficult time trying to acquire new young users.


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