How to change login screen background picture windows 10

The login screen is the first thing you see when you open Windows 10 so it would be nice to show you what you like best.

It was unusually complicated to change the login screen from the default Windows 10 gave, but it has now become much simpler thanks to a small workaround built into the operating system. In this quick article we will show you how to change the image of the Windows 10 login screen.

How to change the image on the Windows 10 login screen

First, right-click on an empty space on your desktop and click “Personalize”.

Next, click on “Lock Screen” in the left pane, under the “Background” drop-down menu you can choose from three options for the lock screen image:

  • Windows Spotlight: will show you a nice different image every day courtesy of Microsoft.
  • Picture: allows you to select a specific image to have on the lock screen.
  • Slideshow: allows you to select a folder (or folders) in which the login screen will cycle through the picture (you can press “Advanced slideshow settings” to optimize the operation of the slideshow of the picture).

Once you have selected the desired wallpaper for the lock screen, scroll down in the lock screen window to the “Show lock screen background image on logon screen” option. Click the “Activate” slider and the login screen will now have the same image as the lock screen, which you can check from this window!


This is all you need to do to change the login screen and Windows will greet you every day with the image you want.

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