How to change primary mouse button from left to right for left handed person

How to change the main mouse button from left to right. If you are left-handed and want to configure a touchpad to use the left button as the main mouse button and the right button as secondary. The good news is that you do not need to get a new mouse to change the main mouse button. You can change it from Windows. There is a dedicated setting for this.

How to change the main mouse button from left to right

  • Open the Settings app (you can also press windows + I key )
  • go to Devices.
  • Select the Mouse tab on the left
  • Open the “Select your primary button” drop-down menu. Select Right instead of the Left option.

The change has been effective. If you click with the left mouse button after this change, the left mouse button opens the menu that did the right mouse button. Similarly, the right button selects the items and, when you double-click, opens folders, files and runs apps.

This change will also affect the buttons on the trackpad. There are no separate settings for the trackpad buttons. The app change to the Mouse tab will also control the buttons on the touchpad. Not all touchpads have dedicated left and right buttons. Some can be clicked just to perform the left click and the right mouse button is simulated by double tapping on the touchpad. This change will also affect a touchpad designed to work this way.

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