As you well know, starting from the end of 2018, Amazon presented its Echo devices that immediately proved to be leaders in the smart speaker market. In fact, the same manufacturing company, after just a few weeks from its launch, has even decided to expand the catalog by offering alternative devices such as Input and Show. Obviously the beating heart of these products is Alexa, a virtual assistant already very famous in the United States and ready to conquer even the whole World.

However, although the voice of the aforementioned assistant is well structured, some users complain about its verbosity. Many of Alexa’s answers are in fact objectively too long and sometimes annoying. Fortunately, however, Amazon provides a toggle within the app settings, available for free on the Google Play Store and on the App Store, which will allow anyone to activate short answers.

These will obviously “force” the assistant to limit themselves more. Furthermore, when indeed any kind of response might seem superfluous, the speaker will only make one sound to ensure the user has executed the request. Obviously this option can be deactivated at any time by following the same procedure as below.

Limit Alexa’s answers

First of all it will be necessary to download the Alexa companion application which, as mentioned before, is available for free on Google Play Store and on the App Store. Once the installation is complete, just log in with your Amazon account or create it on time.

Once this is done, nothing will be needed other than:

  • Click on the Menu button located at the top left
  • Choose the “Settings” item
  • Continue with “Alexa Account” and then with “Alexa Voice Answers”
  • Activate the “Short answer mode” option

Unfortunately this option is directly connected to the general account and consequently it will not be possible to limit the responses on certain Echo devices, but all will follow the same instruction.


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