After trying the Google service for several days, which aggregates the news coming from the main newspapers on the Web, now looking for a guide that explains specifically how to disable Google News. We at Teknologya have decided to make a tutorial to explain how to proceed on both Android and iOS.

How to disable Google News on Android

It is possible to disable the Mountain View giant application by following two paths: deactivate notifications without uninstalling the software or proceed with complete elimination.

In the first case, carefully follow the steps listed below:

  • Grab your Android smartphone or tablet and plug in the gear icon on the main screen, in the drawer, or by pulling down the drop down menu to access the Settings.
  • At this point, identify the menu Notifications (or Audio and notifications ) press on the item Applications or Apps and locate Google News through the list that appears.
  • After having pressed on, look for the item related to the notifications (ex. Show notifications ) and press on the lever to proceed with the deactivation. In some cases, you can even receive notifications silently without turning them off completely. So, press on the Notifications item and set Silent via the Notification style menu. Of course, some reported passages could be different as each user interface is arranged differently but in general it is necessary to follow these instructions.

If you want to proceed with the complete uninstallation of the Google News app, then do this:

  • Always open Android Settings as indicated above, locate the Applications (or Apps ) item and scroll down the list until you find Google News. If you have many applications, you can use the search field (if available).
  • Once pressed on the app name, click on the Uninstall button and confirm by pressing OK on the message Do you want to uninstall this application?.

Some user interfaces allow to uninstall an application even from the home screen and/or from the drawer. All you have to do is press down on the Big G app icon and choose Uninstall from the menu that appears above or below.

How to disable Google News on iOS

If you have an iPhone or an iPad and use Google News to keep you updated on the latest news published on the Internet, you can proceed with disabling notifications or uninstalling the app in a really simple way.

In the first case, carefully follow the steps listed below:

  • Open the iOS Settings by pressing the gear icon on the home screen and then choose Notifications from the window that appears.
  • Through the Notification Style section, locate Google News and plug us in.
  • At this point, turn OFF the switch next to Allow notifications to turn off alerts completely. Alternatively, you can choose to disable only the sounds and/or the badge by pressing on the levers of the appropriate entries or not showing the alerts on the lock screen, in the Notification Center or the banner by removing the check from the appropriate options.

To uninstall the application, instead, you can use two methods. The first one goes to uninstall the application but keeps the data and documents associated with it while the second completely erases the software with the related data.

In the first case, open the Settings of iOS, pressed on General and choose Free Space iPhone/iPad. After that, locate the Google News app from the list that appears and choose Uninstall app twice in a row. Alternatively, press and hold the icon of the software in the main iOS screen, press the X that appears at the top left of the icon and choose Delete from the message that appears. In the second case, instead, press on Delete app for two consecutive times always from Free iPhone/iPad storage.


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