You need to pass some files to your Android smartphone but you don’t know which solution to adopt to do it. In this new guide today we will find out together how to transfer files and photos from Mac to Android if you have a computer equipped with macOS.

How to transfer files and photos from Mac to Android via Finder

The first solution that we advise you to use to pass files and photos from the Mac to an Android device is simply to use Finder, which is the file manager integrated by Apple into its PC operating system. However, it is necessary to install a program called Android File Transfer that allows you to install the drivers needed to correctly recognize the Android device.

So, open Safari or the browser you use to surf the Internet, connect to the download page of the Android File Transfer and press the button Download Now to proceed with the download. Once the installation is complete, connect the Android device to the Mac using the original cable and use the Finder to move the favorite files.

How to transfer files and photos from Mac to Android via Google Drive

As an alternative to the classic Finder, you can take advantage of the cloud storage service provided by Google called Google Drive. It allows you to keep many types of files on the storage space and pass them on Android by downloading the appropriate client.

The first step to perform is to download the Drive software on the Mac. To do this, connect to the program download page and press the Download button in the Backup and synchronization box. At this point, using the message that appears, press Accept and download to proceed with the download. At the end of the installation, the Google Drive client should start automatically.

Through the Log in page, fill in the required fields by entering the credentials of your Google account (email or phone and password). On the My laptop screen, choose the folders you want to follow continuously in Google Drive via Choose folder and then set the photo and video upload size between High quality (excellent visual quality and reduced file size to take advantage of your storage free unlimited) or original quality (maximum resolution but affects the space available for storage). After pressing Next, wait for the backup to finish.

At this point, grab your Android smartphone or tablet, proceed with downloading the Google Drive app from the Play Store if you don’t have it and start it once the installation is complete. Through the screen that appears, fill in the required fields by entering the same credentials as the Google account entered on the computer and take the My Drive screen as a reference. The folder containing the synchronized files on your Mac should appear here.

If you don’t want to install the Google Drive client, then you can take advantage of a simple browser and connect to the Mountain View cloud platform’s Internet site. Then, connect to the Drive web portal, log in to the Google account and then drag the files in question to the My drive area. Alternatively, click on the + New button located at the top left and choose Upload file or Upload a folder from the menu that appears depending on your needs.

How to transfer files and photos from Mac to Android via Send Anywhere

For those not familiar, Send Anywhere is a famous online service that allows you to share files in a really simple way. The platform is also available via Mac software and can be accessed from an Android smartphone by downloading the dedicated application.

Discover together how to use Send Anywhere:

  • From your Apple computer, open Safari or the default Internet browsing program and connect to the main page of the online resource.
  • Once this is done, click on the + in red below Send and choose the file you want to send by pressing Open.
  • At this point, you can choose whether to send it directly by clicking on Direct and then on Send, generating a link to download on the Android smartphone by choosing Link or by e-mail by selecting Email. In the case of these last two options, you will need to create an account or log in by entering your e-mail address and password if you already have one, or use the Google or Facebook one.
  • At this point, grab your smartphone and download the Send Anywhere application from the Google Play Store.
  • After downloading and installation, start the app and click on Confirm after accepting the terms and conditions of use.
  • At this point, press on the Receive menu at the bottom and enter the code in the Enter code field or scan the QR code by tapping on the appropriate icon to proceed with the download.

How to transfer files and photos from Mac to Android: alternatives

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, it is possible to transfer files and photos from a Mac to an Android terminal by following other equally simple methods. Find them below.


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