Are WhatsApp groups a problem? With the new update, the automatic addition to a group chat has been blocked, which must now be approved with an invitation.
WhatsApp: block the addition to groups with the new update

WhatsApp has changed and now allows you to block the automatic addition to groups thanks to the new system through invitations.

The WhatsApp groups: cross and delight for many users. Undoubtedly useful, thanks to the ability to manage group conversations between multiple contacts. Many have never noticed it, but the addition to a WhatsApp group (by an administrator) does not require our consent and cannot be circumvented. Now, however, things are about to change thanks to the new update that allows you to block the invitation, and the insertion, automatically in a group on WhatsApp.

Group chats on WhatsApp are often a source of stress for some users, literally invaded by hundreds of messages and notifications that can often lead to the rapid depletion of the battery (and patience).

How many times you have happened to find yourself in a group on WhatsApp without reason, often a source of free spam: this problem is now destined to end.

WhatsApp: how to block the addition to a group

WaBetaInfo had revealed the existence of an update intended to change this type of settings. The update is now available exclusively to users and works through a very specific invitation system.

The new function allows you to receive a real invitation to participate in a group, thus excluding the possibility of being pulled in by force by an overly invasive chat administrator.

To activate the option, you need to refer to the settings in the app and in particular to the Privacy section: here you can choose whether to be added to a group or not or activate a preventive block divided into three different types.

Users are prompted to choose between All, which allows the addition of our number to a WhatsApp group from anyone, only your contacts, to be added only and exclusively by our acquaintance or otherwise a number in the phone book and None, to circumvent any attempt to insert them into a group (which must take place upon explicit request by the user).

If we are added to a group, the app will send us an invitation containing the name, description and number of participants involved within the group. The invitation will be valid for 72 hours.


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