How to activate and use iCloud Keychain on iOS devices

Keychain iCloud is a cloud service launched by Apple with iOS 7.0.3 and OS X Mavericks to increase data security on iOS and MacOS devices. Activating iCloud Keychain is very useful in the daily management of iPhone or iPad, because it allows you to store user names, passwords, Wi-Fi networks and credit card information so that you can easily fill out forms or login accounts every time you need it. This service can be synchronized with both Safari and third-party applications that support the iCloud Keychain service. Your data will be protected securely, as 256-bit AES encryption will be used, preventing unauthorized use of personal information. The iCloud Keychain service also includes a powerful password generator, which will create unique keys for accessing your online accounts, making passwords difficult to guess. You can also decide not to accept those proposals and enter a password generated by you.

The purpose of this article is to help you activate iCloud Keychain, but also to use it on iPhone and iPad, to store and automatically insert your data (user names and passwords in Safari for credit cards, Wi-Fi networks and credentials access on social networks).

To activate iCloud Keychain on an iOS device, you must follow these steps:

go to Settings -> go to the first section where your photo appears -> iCloud, then scroll down and click on Keychain.

To enable iCloud Keychain you must go to the Apps section that use iCloud and click on Yes to activate it from the corresponding selector as in the next screen.

After activating iCloud Keychain, you will be asked for the Apple ID password to enter the service and after inserting it, it will ask you to create a second access code to be used with iCloud Keychain. For this setting you can choose between two different options. The first option is to use the same passcode that you already use to unlock the device. The other option is to create a new code, different from the access code. I recommend the second option, as it is safer.

A four-digit code is required by default. The code can be even safer by pressing “advanced options“, which will allow you to create an alphanumeric code. This alphanumeric code can be created by you, or it can be automatically generated by the system.

After confirming the access code, you will need to enter your mobile number. This is important because it adds an additional level of security. In order to set iCloud Keychain on other devices, Apple will send an SMS containing a verification code on the indicated mobile number.

You can change this phone number from any location through your iCloud account, either from an iOS device or your Mac.

If the procedure to activate iCloud Keychain on your iPhone has been successful, you will now be able to store all your passwords. You will no longer have to remember them when you log in to an account on Safari or open third-party apps. For security reasons, Keychain will not store the security code of your credit cards, while you will find the numbers and expiration dates. You will also find the username and password of wifi networks and website accounts that you can view and modify if necessary.

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