How to block devices connected to your wifi network

Are you wondering why the home Wi-Fi network is slow? After verifying that all the settings of the router have been correctly configured and the ADSL line provider does not report any problems on the line, you will certainly be asked what the cause of the malfunction might be. Have you ever thought that someone could be able to connect to your home network by saturating the band and thus slowing down the connection? This could be a serious problem to consider, even if it is the last thing we think about.

We do not believe or do not want to believe that some of our neighbors that maybe even know well, can take advantage of our WiFi network to download movies or anything else, or use streaming services such as Netflix or Prime video. Among the most plausible hypotheses you must also put the hypothesis of a neighbor who does not have an ADSL or Fiber line can use yours. Even if our neighbor does not have the password of the network, unfortunately, there are several methods to crack one, so the only solution is to block the device on a Wi-Fi network.

If this is the reality of the facts, fortunately there is a solution that allows you to check first if any stranger with a device that you do not recognize is connected to your home WiFi network. If so, find out how to block your device on a Wi-Fi network and stop connecting to the internet using our network. If you need to know how to do it right now, all you have to do is continue reading this guide.

The solution that I propose in this article can be useful on other occasions also. For example when you have intruders at home, who know the data access to the Wi-Fi network, but because of an internet slowdown you would like to disconnect. In order not to be rude and ask them to disconnect from the home Wi-Fi, you can simply use the method I am about to describe you. Or, if your child should be studying, but sitting there in front of the computer playing online or surfing the internet with his mobile phone. In all these cases, the content of this guide can be useful. The only requirement before proceeding to block device on Wi-Fi network is to have an iOS device, Android or a computer at hand to detect the data necessary to perform this procedure.

How to find out who is using your Wi-Fi network

The first step is to find out who is using your internet and whether the connected devices are all of your knowledge or there is some intruder. To do this there are several methods using either a mobile device or a computer, downloading some functional applications for this purpose.

Analyze Wi-Fi network with smartphone or tablet

The best known and most used app to perform an analysis of the Wi-Fi network is definitely Fing, available for both iOS and Android. This app allows you to view all the devices connected to the WiFi network, not only, also discover some useful data to uniquely identify the connected devices. The useful data that you can view are the product name, the manufacturer’s name, IP address, Mac address and others. This information will help you find out which the connected devices are, if they are members of your family or you find some device that you recognize as not belonging to your family.

A very useful data to block unauthorized devices is the MAC address that you will have to use later as you will see in the second part of the guide. Now let’s see how to use Fing on your mobile devices. To be noted that with the update of iOS 11, the iPhone can no longer display the Mac address. The reason is that Apple has blocked any app as Fing from access to MAC addresses in the ARP table of the iPhone operating system (iOS ). Therefore, MAC addresses can no longer be acquired during a network scan performed on an iPhone. This app is also useful on iPhone, because it allows you to detect an intruder between connected devices. While with an Android device you will be able to fully use all the features, including MAC address detection.

  • First of all, make sure your iOS or Android device is connected to the Wi-Fi network you want to monitor.
  • Now download the free app Fing – Network Tools from the Google Play store or the free app Fing – Scanner network from Apple’s App Store.
  • When the installation is complete, launch the app on the device.
  • A screen will appear with the name of your Wi-Fi network, followed by a list of connected devices, which, by clicking on one of them, shows the IP address and the device name. As you can see, the MAC address is darkened on the iPhone. I’ve also tried other similar apps like Net Analyzer but the result is the same, the MAC has been obscured by Apple.

While, as you can see from the next image, on the Android devices the MAC address is displayed by the same Fing app.

Analyze the Wi-Fi network with the computer

If you have an Apple Device or do not have a smartphone and want to analyze the Wi-Fi network, you can use an application to download to your computer. In my test I used a free and very light software that you can download from this link. This application performs the same functions as the smartphone app, basically it analyzes the WiFi network and extrapolates some data such as the device name, the manufacturer’s name, the IP address and the MAC address.

Advanced IP Scanner is a free, fast and reliable solution for analyzing your WiFi network via your computer. Allows you to quickly and easily retrieve all the necessary information on the computers connected to the network by clicking on Scan. It also has other interesting features like activating or stopping a remote PC with a single click.

Once you have identified a device that you do not recognize as belonging to your family, probably a stranger is using your WiFi network. Now it’s time to lock your device over a Wi-Fi network by following these simple steps. Do not worry if you are not an IT expert, because if you follow the procedure described below, you will reach the goal without any difficulty.

How to lock down a device on a Wi-Fi network

If you realize that one of the devices connected to the network really should not be, then continue reading the guide to block it and deny it forever access to your Wi-Fi network.

  • To block the unknown device connected to your Wi-Fi network, first locate the device that can be a computer, a smartphone or even a Smart TV. Marked, by first detecting the MAC Address with the methods explained above, the number of the corresponding MAC on a sheet of paper.
  • Now open the browser on your home PC connected to the WiFi network and connected to the router interface. If you do not know how to do this, you generally need to type the address or in the address bar.
  • Log in to enter your router. Generally, username and password are set by default on admin or user, unless you have modified them. If you do not remember your password, I suggest you read the router manual.

At this point you just have to find out how to block the MAC address of the unknown device by entering the router settings. This procedure can vary from router to router, but generally the steps to follow are these:

  • Enter the main page of the router. Be careful because in the Smart Technicolor modem router, the Mac address filter does not exist and you will not be able to filter individual devices.
  • Go to Settings/Advanced Settings/WiFi.
  • Search voice MAC Address Filter ( Filter MAC ) and add a device.
  • In the new page that opens, under the heading MAC Address (Mac Filter), enter the device data (MAC address) that you added earlier, and then save the change by clicking on Apply.

That’s all. From now on the unknown device will no longer be able to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

For added security, I would also recommend changing your router’s password and inserting a more complex one in order to avoid other possible attacks on your home Wi-Fi network.

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