becomes TikTok: Here is the new app to share micro music videos is purchased by TikTok. The new app that transforms into TikTok on Android and iOS is already in distribution becomes TikTok: Here is the new app to share micro music videos and TikTok have merged into one application. In fact, after the acquisition of by TikTok, formalized a few days ago, here is that the two applications come together in one, but with the same free features.

The application to create mini music videos that allow you to put our face and create special effects to the sound of our favorite song now becomes TikTok and for many users is a nice change.

The transition from to TikTok will be painless for everyone as with an update of the app available for Android and iOS, this will turn into TikTok without losing data, keeping the same login, and all the free features of will remain anyway integrated on TikTok with identical use in practice.

But find a graphic interface renewed in every part, beautiful effects and operation almost identical to the previous version. As usual, in-app purchases are available, but its basic usage remains free anyway.

At the moment the version of that becomes TikTok is available for Android and in the coming weeks it will be also for iOS.

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