How to Activate Dark Mode (Night Mode) on Google Chrome

The dark theme of Chrome is available to everyone but with a simple trick. Here’s how to activate it easily on both Windows and MAC Desktop but also on Android

Activate Night Mode or Dark Mode in Google Chrome

Google is constantly evolving and Chrome improves version, both in terms of functionality and graphics. Even Google Chrome has been renewed with regard to the interface but it has never introduced the dark theme (dark mode) that is popular in all its apps from YouTube to Google Messages.

At the moment, by default, you can not activate this mode but if you’re curious to try the dark or black mode of Chrome, I’ll explain how to do it in the easiest way possible.

So let’s see how to activate the dark theme of Chrome now available to all users on the desktop internet browser for Windows, Linux and MAC and also on mobile app for Android.

How to activate the Dark Chrome theme

As you can see after completing the guide, following these steps you can change the graphic appearance of Chrome and make all the pages, menus, URL bar and backgrounds of the various sections dark, thus optimizing visibility at night.

I therefore recommend using this dark/dark mode of Chrome in the evening hours and in low light conditions to avoid eye strain.

Activate Chrome Dark Theme on Desktop (Win, Linux and MAC)

Here are the steps to follow:

Activate Chrome Dark Theme on Android

Go to the Chrome Settings, go to the Accessibility section, check the Simplified Visualization box, and now from the pop-up that appears, click Show Simplified Display.

The reloaded page, much simpler, clicking on the three dots and then on Aspect, will show different items like Light, dark and sepia and selecting Dark will have activated the dark theme on Chrome for Android.

Remove Dark Chrome theme

To remove the dark mode of Chrome on Windows, Linux or MAC you will have to go to Google Chrome Settings and in the Appearance section go to delete (click on Remove) the previously installed dark theme.

On Android, repeat the same procedure to activate it, but select the item Clear.

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