How to cancel, delete and recall emails sent With Gmail For Android

Gmail for Android now allows you to cancel, delete and recall emails sent by mistake. New Android Gmail function: how to cancel sending an e-mail

Cancel email sent with Android Gmail: how to do it

Great news came for users who use Gmail on smartphones and Android tablets. 

In fact, a very useful function has arrived a few days ago that allows you to cancel, recall and delete emails sent from your smartphone or tablet. 

That’s right: if you sent an email with Gmail for Android and you realize you have made some mistakes  (in the subject, in the recipient, in the text ..), from today you can unsubscribe, recall the email and solve your problem before making big disasters.

So let’s see how to make the most of the function that allows you to cancel sending email with Gmail for Android. I assure you that everything is much simpler than you think.

How to cancel sending Gmail emails to Android?

First of all, I point out that this interesting and useful feature has arrived on Android only after other operating systems. The function, in fact, has been available for a long time both on the webclient, and on iOS, as well as in the Inbox app.

The Cancel Send function for Gmail has therefore been introduced on the client for Android through a server-side operation.

It does not matter however how it came: the important thing is that finally even on Android it is possible to cancel sending an email with Gmail. 

To do this, simply follow these directions:

  • once you have written the email message with  Gmail, you must send it as you usually do
  • at this point, you will notice that the button to cancel sending the email with Gmail appears via a notification below
  • clicking on the Cancel button on the far right of the screen you can cancel sending the email via Gmail for Android

I point out, just out of curiosity, that for emails from Gmail to Google Gmail can recall them. Other services, however, provide a short delay before the email is actually sent, giving the opportunity to change your mind.

However, touching “Cancel” the email will not be seen by the recipient and will be blocked instantly. No fooling this way!

You only have 10 seconds to recall and cancel the email with Gmail

Remember, however, that when the notification appears, you have ONLY 10 seconds to cancel the process.

After 10 seconds, you will not be able to cancel the sending of the email and Gmail will deliver it to the recipient, including any errors and omissions in the original text.

What happens if you press the Cancel button after sending an email with Gmail for Android?

Simple: sending the email is blocked instantly.

At this point the client makes the complete message appear in the Drafts so as to give you the opportunity to change the content, correct any errors or problems and then proceed with sending the revised and correct version of the email.

Unfortunately, unlike the version for the web, on Android it is not possible to extend the time limit, which remains 10 seconds.

Do not have the function to cancel sending emails with Gmail for Android?

If you still do not see this feature in the Gmail app for Android, do not worry: just update the Gmail app from the Play Store and wait a few moments.

As if by magic you too can use the function that allows you to cancel and recall emails sent with Gmail on Android.



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