How to activate and use TikTok Pro [Analytics]

It is not enough to have TikTok, it has to be TikTok Pro. The so-called “pro accounts” offer new ideas for creators, with insights to grow their audience and connect better with the tiktoker community. Activation, however, is optional and can provide additional tools to help you grow and track the performance of your posts.


What is TikTok Pro?

To start, TikTok Pro is free.

This type of profile has a section called “Analysis”, very similar to that of Instagram. The app helps you better understand your performance and engagement by providing an overview and information on things like weekly (7 days) and monthly (28 days) views, number of followers (lost and won) and trends.

If you already got excited and shouted “I want!”, Follow how to activate TikTok Pro.

How to activate TikTok Pro

  1. Tap on “Me” and enter your profile page;
  2. Open the Menu (…) in the upper right corner;
  3. Tap on “Manage my account”;
  4. Choose “Switch to Pro Account”;
  5. Keep tapping “Continue” until “Choose a category”;
  6. You don’t have to be a public figure, you can choose “Personal Account”;
  7. And ready!

After activating your Pro account, you will receive a new button called Analytics in the Account options, in the menu on the “Me” page. Just tap on it and explore the data.

There are the following categories of Pro account on TikTok:

  • Public figure;
  • Personal account;
  • Education;
  • Media;
  • Music / Dance;
  • Beauty / Fashion;
  • Medicine / Health;
  • Cinema / TV / Studio;
  • Sport / Fitness.

The social network says that we are releasing this feature to everyone who wants to activate it. If you do not see the option to “switch to a pro account”, update your application.

What audience data can I see?

When you tap on “Analytics”, you will see three tabs: OverviewContent and Followers.

When switching to a Pro account, TikTok requests at least 24 hours to show the data.

In Overview, you will see:

  • Video views;
  • Followers (high and low);
  • Profile views; 

All with clippings of seven or 28 days. 

Under Content, you’ll see:

  • Total publications;
  • Your most popular videos;

In Followers, you’ll see:

  • Total followers;
  • Gender of followers;
  • Main territories;
  • Followers activity;
  • Videos your followers watched;
  • Songs that your followers heard.

The latter helps you understand who follows your account and how to attract and engage them.

Note that, at any time, you can go back to “Manage my account” and touch “Back to Personal Account”. Thus, you lose access to “Analysis” and this data.

With information: TikTok

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