What is Instagram reach and 4 tips to increase it

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If you work or live in contact with social networks, you may have heard about reach, a term present in networks like Facebook and Instagram. Instagram Reach is one of the most important performance meters in the analysis of engagement, and a great differential to promote a brand or product.

What is reach?

Instagram Reach estimate of how many accounts viewed the post at least once, either in the Feed or in the Stories. With this metric, it is possible to understand how many people were reached by a post, even if they did not interact directly with this content. Be careful not to confuse the number of impressions: this term includes the number of views that can come from the same account.

There are several factors involving the social network algorithm that interfere with the reach of a publication: the type of target audience, the format of the content, the time of publication, among others. To run ads on Instagram, it is one of the metrics taken into account to measure results and check the effectiveness of advertising.

How to increase reach on Instagram

Know your results

Instagram itself allows you to analyze the reach numbers of individual publications or of the profile as a whole in commercial accounts. To do this, open the menu in the application and select “Information”. In this area, it is possible to view the number of people reached and the origin of these accesses: by hashtags, ads, publications feed, directly by profile and others. Having these data, it is important to analyze which are the ways that bring the best results to build the best possible strategy for social networks.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a good way to expose your content to an audience that does not yet follow the profile. This is because the network allows you to follow hashtags and have access to the main posts about each trend. Research what subjects are most related to your brand and see the popularity within the network. Pay attention only to the amount of terms used: many hashtags can leave an extensive publication and lose relevance.

Constantly publish and vary formats

Having a flow of publications helps to keep the profile active and relevant to the algorithm. To help, Instagram metrics are able to define the best days and times when the majority of the public is online. Use this information to post at more opportune times and reach a good number of people.

In addition, it is important to take advantage of the possibilities that the social network offers. Avoid publishing only in the Feed or only in Stories and try to find a balance between these formats. Lives, on the rise during the period of social isolation, are also an option to further expand reach. Try to bring rich content to all these formats on the network.

Run ads on social network

This option involves expenses but brings the best results. The organic result – that coming through the content published regularly in the profile – is less than the paid result, coming from ads. In addition, the Instagram for Business platform makes it possible to create campaigns and ads aimed at increasing the reach, providing a more direct and effective action.

Source: Instagram

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