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Re-Loader Activator to activate Windows 10

Do you need to activate Windows 10 but you do not know how? After downloading and installing Windows 10 do you need a method to activate it? No problem, in this article I present the best program ever that will allow you to activate in a few clicks any version of your operating system.

But that’s not all: this program will also allow you to activate all versions of Microsoft office automatically!

Activate Windows with toolkit

If you’re here now and you’re reading this guide, it’s most likely because you’re having trouble completing the OS activation process and want to deal with it.

If the situation is really this, know that you have no reason to worry. I can in fact explain to you, step by step, all you need to do to activate Windows 10.

Contrary to what it may seem, activating Windows 10 with the program that you mark it is a simple operation, indeed very simple. Just a couple of clicks are enough. And you can also activate any version of Microsoft Office. 

That said, if it’s your intention to find out what steps need to be done to activate Windows 10, let’s start with the guide.

Product Key Windows 10

Let’s start by saying that, if you already have a product key of the operating system, just enter it in the window in which you are asked to activate your Windows version simply and regularly. I’ll explain in a moment how to do it precisely.

If you need to get a Windows 10 product key to use on your computer, you can purchase a copy of the operating system directly on the official Microsoft store, on online stores such as Amazon and in physical electronics stores. Prices vary depending on the version of Windows 10 you purchase and any active promotions.

Activate Windows 10 after purchasing the Product Key

If you intend to activate Windows 10 after purchasing a copy of the operating system (and then the product key), here are the steps you need to follow for activation.

  • Click the Start button> SettingsUpdate and SecurityActivation
  • Now click on the Change Product Key button located on the right side of the window
  • enter the product key in your possession in the Product Key Code and wait for the validation of the same

That’s it, you’ve successfully activated Windows 10 with your product key. 

This method will allow you to activate Windows forever. In case of problems, however, you can redo the procedure and reactivate the operating system.

Activate Windows 10 without Product Key with Loader

You must know that, in addition to the one just mentioned, there is another way to activate Windows 10 for free. 

It’s the one used by pirates: it’s illegal of course, but it works perfectly. In two clicks you can activate and make your copy of Windows 10 genuine even if you are not very experienced.

This method uses a “Loader”, ie a program that manages to activate and make genuine any copy of Windows and Office. We will not analyze in detail the operation of these “Loader”,  you just know that these apps load certain files within Windows so that the system thinks that the OS has been properly purchased and activated. In words it is simple, but in reality the operation of these programs is complex. The important thing is that their use is immediate and within everyone’s reach.

Re-Loader Activator by [email protected] RC 3

The program that we will use to activate Windows 10, but also all versions of Windows and even all of Office is called Re-Loader Activator by [email protected] As anticipated it is a Loader.

Currently the program is updated to version v1.0 RC 3.

Interesting to note that it weighs only 3MB: it is very light, does not require installation and is very easy to use.

It is in English, but its use is really immediate and intuitive:

  • you download it
  • you start it
  • select the operation to be done (eg Windows KMS Activation to activate Windows )
  • follow the simple steps on the screen to complete the operation, which however will be automatic.

Done. You have successfully activated Windows 10 for free. It was not difficult, was it?

Activate Windows 10 Crack – Download

At this point I leave you the link to download the program. Obviously it has NOT been uploaded on the internet by us, but by other users. We have only found the link on Google, we have tested the program and we have published this guide. Nothing else.

If you use the program, do so at your own risk: it is illegal to activate Windows without purchasing a Product Key, just as it could be risky to download programs of this type that jeopardize the security of your computer and the data in it. Do it all while taking responsibility for the case.

That said, if you want to download the best program to activate Windows and Office Free, you can find it here:

For any doubt, question or problem leave a comment at the end of the article, we will help you as soon as possible.

That’s all, see you next time!

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