By popular demand we provide you with the download links of the ISO file of Windows 10 Build 17704, to do a clean installation immediately.

This is the latest version of Windows 10, ready to be burned to DVD or transferred to a USB stick to make a clean installation from scratch of Windows 10.

Microsoft has just released Windows Insider Preview Build 17704 to Windows Insider users who have chosen to receive system updates immediately via the Fast or Skip Ahead distribution channel.

As you can easily guess, this is a new preview version of Redstone 5, the sixth big update for PCs and tablets equipped with Windows 10.

Recall that Redstone 5 will be released publicly for PC and tablet in the second half of 2018.

But if you want to try the new version of Windows 10 now, below we explain how to do it.

News and changes Windows 10 Build 17704

Among the relevant news in this release, we mention some changes and implementations in Microsoft Edge, in the Skype application and in the Windows security and security system. We also report the removal of Sets, the function that allows you to operate in different applications within the same window (in tabs/dedicated tabs).

Microsoft reports that it will be re-introduced in the future (we initially remember it was supposed to arrive with Redstone 4).

This news may seem negative and, in some ways, even disappointing, but reflecting well we observe how the decision taken by the company led by Satya Nadella is more than normal and understandable. Windows Sets is in fact a novelty that completely upsets the use of the UI on the most used desktop operating system in the world by moving the “control center” from the taskbar to the title bar. An idea to say the least brilliant that simplifies and makes everything more functional, but that still needs to be optimized in order to be comfortable and clear to all users, not only those more experienced and advanced.

For details of the news and the list of corrections and known issues read this article of the official Windows blog.

Are you ready to download and install this update? Here’s how!

Download ISO Windows 10 Build 17704

That said, here are the direct links to download the ISO file of Windows 10 updated to the latest version, released in June 2018. 

NOTE: files not uploaded on the internet by us. We found the links, tested them, copied and pasted here. Download at your own risk, assuming all the responsibilities and risks involved.

Activate Windows 10 with Crack or Keygen

These versions of Windows 10 are NOT active, so you will need to activate them manually. As? I’ll explain it in this guide. Just a click, I assure you!

Alternatively you can try this other program, very similar but a little older.

Windows 10 download free

If your goal was to download Windows 10 for free, updated to the latest version of May 2018, build 17686, I would say that we have.

I explained how to download free Windows 10, how to activate Windows 10 through crack-keygen.

Windows 10 disable / block updates

As I’ve always said, I think it’s ESSENTIAL to disable automatic updates of Windows 10 to speed up the system. 

If you also want to disable Windows Update to block automatic Windows 10 updates, you can follow our guide. Few steps and the PC will not download more updates: you will save RAM, processor, battery (if you have a laptop) and also internet connection:

Windows 10 very slow

If for some reason your PC with Windows 10 has become slow to turn on or off, or to start programs or perform any other operation, you can follow this guide that explains how to speed up Windows 10 disabling unnecessary system services and processes and invasive, which are useless if not to consume RAM and processor:

See you next time!


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