Windows 10 Very Slow: How to Speed ​​Up with A Click

Windows 10 start slow or very slow: what to do if your PC is too slow when you turn it on or off. Windows 10 very slow after update? Windows 10 suddenly slow? Speed it up in one click automatically.

Windows 10 very slow: what to do?

Needless to go around: in the long run Windows 10 becomes slow, very slow, almost unusable.

By installing programs, browsing the internet, downloading files and programs and performing various types of operations, installing updates, Windows 10 becomes slow during startup, when shut down, when you open and close programs, when you open the internet browser and etc. 

The slowness of Windows 10 sometimes becomes really unsustainable and so users rightly look for a way to improve PC performance.

Windows PC cleaning programs 10

Actually there are hundreds of programs that allow you to speed up Windows 10 when the system becomes slow and most of these works well, installs in one click and acts in a completely autonomous way, so that even novice users can speed up and optimize easily Windows 10. 

Just think of CCleaner, one of the best tools available today to improve PC performance in one click: just install it and start it to optimize your PC and speed up Windows 10. 

Too bad that all these programs act rather “superficial”: delete unnecessary files, delete duplicate files, clear the cache of the internet browser, optimize and correct any problems on the registry, give a fixed file to the hard disk, but the real problems of Windows 10 are not those. 

Windows 10 Useless services

Of course, Windows 10 becomes slow for many reasons, but most of the time to really speed up your PC you have to disable the useless services of Windows 10. 

You must know that the Microsoft operating system, in the long run (but even after the first installation to tell the truth) tends to automatically start services and processes that are practically useless, but do nothing but consume memory RAM and processor, obviously doing slow Windows 10. 

Already after the first start of Windows 10 there are really many services and processes of Windows 10 that can be disabled to get a faster PC. 

And by dint of installing applications and programs the number of these processes does nothing but increase, further worsening the situation.

Windows 10 update slow

And let’s not forget the updates of Windows 10: how many times, after a Windows update, the PC suddenly became slow?

System updates should help the computer become faster, more efficient, leaner and on the whole should improve it, but with Windows 10 this does not happen. On the contrary, the opposite happens: by updating the system, problems and slow-downs often arise that were not present before.

My advice is always the same: NEVER UPDATE Windows 10.  Of course, the updates introduce some news, but experience is much more problems than the news. So better not to update.

Windows 10 slow what to do?

However, if you have noticed that your PC has become slow,  that Windows becomes heavier every day and starts more slowly, I’ll explain how to speed up, optimize it, clean it up and make it faster, since almost certainly the fault of the programs and services launched in the background along with the operating system.


Obviously, before following this method, I recommend:

  • set a restore point, so you can easily go back in case of problems
  • make a backup of all the most important files (you never know)
  • delete all large, heavy and useless files from the hard disk
  • check all installed programs and remove/uninstall those that you do not use
  • empty the trash
  • use CCleaner to clear the cache and fix all registry problems

Once you have done this, you are ready to use the program that I will point out to you today, which will allow you to close, block and stop all the useless services of Windows 10. 

In one click you can save resources and memory and speed up Windows both during startup and during normal use. I assure you that you will notice the differences immediately: Windows 10 will be faster during start-up, power-on, power-off and running all the programs.

You will feel like you have a new computer! Then let’s proceed!

Improve PC performance

The lightweight program that I propose to speed up and optimize Windows 10 I discovered it while assembling my PC from mining. 

This is a very light tool, very easy to use, which goes to disable all the unnecessary processes and services of Windows 10. 

I myself have used this program on 3 different PCs and I have never encountered problems.

All operations, however, are reversible, so in case of problems you just have to start the program and reactivate the services “turned off” previously.

That said, let’s see how to use this tool to speed up the Windows 10 PC:

  • First of all download the program from HERE
  • Start it as an administrator (click on it with the right mouse button and select “Open as administrator”). The app does not require installation
  • At this point the program interface will appear, very spartan but very clear
  • Read the questions on the screen and all you need to do is proceed with disabling the useless services of Windows 10 by always pressing the “Y” button on the keyboard (which corresponds to the answer “YES”)
  • There will be many questions that will ask you to disable certain services and features of Windows 10: you always answer Y by pressing the corresponding key on the keyboard
  • Choose to disable ALL the services offered by the program and proceed with the list until you reach the end
  • Once the list is finished, save and close everything
  • Reboot the PC
  • End!

Enjoy Windows 10 faster than ever before!

Windows 10 very slow after update

How many times have you ever had a super slow computer after installing an update? Here, all this will not happen anymore since the program disables automatic updates of Windows 10. 

Goodbye updates that slow down the PC, goodbye to all the Windows 10 services that are constantly started to look for system updates and that actually only occupy processor and RAM.

How to speed up PC

Although I have tried many programs to clean up, optimize and speed up the PC with Windows 10, this little tool is definitely the best.

Of course, it is the most aggressive because it disables many features of Windows 10, but it is certainly the most efficient and the one that works best. In a few clicks it is the only one that really manages to improve the performance of the computer and that is also accessible to less experienced users since in practice it does everything by itself.

If your PC is slow, this is the best method you can follow to speed it up. You will no longer have problems with Windows 10 slowed down 

In case of doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

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