Instagram Stories introduces a new feature: here’s how to ask questions!

How to answer questions in the Stories of Instagram

Instagram Stories introduces a new option: here’s how to ask questions to get answers. 

Great news just came from Instagram, the most popular social network for photo, used and in vogue of the moment.

In recent days, in fact, Instagram has launched a new feature that allows you to ask questions to their users within the Stories.

In a simple and quick way, when you publish a new Story of Instagram you can now post a question to your followers to get their answer. 

If you are intrigued by this new feature and want to try it on Instagram now, I’ll explain how to do it later!

How to use the questions in the Instagram Stories

As usual, adding the new option to Instagram questions is really super simple.

It will be enough:

  • start Instagram
  • go to the Stories
  • take a picture/shoot a video/select a media from the gallery
  • click on the smile button at the top right (the classic one you use to add place, degrees, emoji, time, GIF and more)
  • click on the QUESTIONS item
  • click on MAKE A QUESTION and write the question to be asked to the followers
  • check that everything is ok and publish the story

In automatic all followers who will see that story with question will be able to respond.

And here you have discovered how to query your contacts on the most disparate topics.

Answer questions on Instagram Stories

The answers to the anonymous Instagram questions will be found among the results, in parallel with the visualizations of your story.

Everything works in a way very similar to what has already been seen in the surveys, only now the followers can answer questions freely and no longer have only the possibility to choose between 2 alternatives.

I can not ask questions on Instagram

  • Do not you get the questions on Instagram?
  • Can not ask questions on Instagram?
  • Do not have any questions about Instagram?

If you do not yet see the function to ask the questions on Instagram, you can:

  • update Instagram to the latest version available for Android or iOS (link at the end of the article)
  • try restarting your smartphone
  • try to log in/out of your account (REMEMBER USERNAME AND PASSWORD!)
  • try to enrich your Instagram BIO

If after all these attempts you still do not have the questions in the Stories on Instagram, you simply need to be patient: it means that Instagram has not yet activated the feature on your account.

You will probably see the questions on Instagram in Stories in the next days/weeks.

Download the latest updated Instagram version

In any case, I recommend downloading the latest version of the Instagram app directly from the following links:

What do you think of the questions on Instagram?

Let us know in the comments at the end of the article if you have already used the questions on Instagram, if you like this and what you think.

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