How to Add a Website link in Instagram Story

Instagram Stories allows you to add links, a very useful feature. However, this functionality is limited and is only available for some types of accounts. In this complete guide let’s discover together, step by step, how to add links to the Instagram Stories, or create Instagram stories with links, in order to bring the social traffic on a specific web page. This is a very interesting feature since it will allow you to add a lot of links within the Instagram Stories. So you do not have to go and see closely how to add links to stories.


Do you want to add Instagram stories, but do not know how to do it? You must know that the Instagram stories feature with links is available for all Instagram business accounts with 10 thousand or more followers. Most likely, just because you do not have a business account, you can not see the feature to add links to Instagram Stories.


Before adding Instagram link stories, you must take a picture or video, or upload directly from your camera roll.

Once you have selected the image or video for Instagram Stories, you can add a link by pressing the chain button at the top. At this point, a new page will open in which you can paste or manually enter the URL you want to visit. To complete this, press the End button, top right, and now you’re ready to publish your story.

Finally, we remind you that to bring your users to visit the link within your story, you can add a text, technically called Call to Action, which highlights what action users must take to access the shared content. For example: “wipe up to find out what’s on the link”.

In this way, you will have added links to Instagram Stories and helped the followers to access all shared content.

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